Friday, March 27, 2009

Dedication Day for Richard and Peggy

Yes, today was Richard and Peggy's Blessing of their home!

But not before a full day of work!

Monty and Neal started out early for Hai's house to tackle the electrical box problems. They were able to get a good start and Monty now knows what needs to be done. He will be working on it next week while I go in and start finishing her kitchen cabinets and put a second coat of paint on the walls. The both of us will be joined by our incoming team member from Florida, Timothy! Are you ready Timothy?

The teams went out as usual but only worked until noon. They had all decided to do a "parade of homes" throughout the afternoon so everyone could see all the jobs going on this past week.

The tour started at Marie's in Galveston, then the church, then Benjamin's and finally Naomi's before heading to San Leon where they started with Terri's, then Butch and Teresa's and then Hai's before ending up at Richard and Peggy's for the dedication. The above photo shows the guys finishing up at Terri's and the beautiful tile floor in her bathroom. I think her smile is now a permanent facial expression!

As we all packed into Richard and Peggy's home he started telling their story of before, during and after the storm. All he could talk about was how God had blessed them with all the teams that had come along side to help. He loved teaching the ones who came in and didn't think they had much construction ability, he remembered the tears of those who realized they had to leave and would love to have stayed. He continually thanked God for all their blessings and smiled when he pointed out how their new bedroom was so nicely furnished and they couldn't wait to lay down for a really good nights sleep tonight!

I had prepared a "basket of blessings" to present to them. I had seen this type of dedication done in a home while we were in Mississippi and loved it. It's a basket filled with a loaf of bread so the household will not know hunger, a candle so it will not know darkness, a box of sugar so the household will remain sweet, a bouquet of flowers so it will always be beautiful, a box of salt so it will always have flavor and finally a Bible so it will always know the Word of God. It brought tears from Richard and quite a few from the audience! God was smiling for sure!

It was the perfect ending to the day, one these teams were thankful to have participated in and sorry that all the prior teams couldn't. We asked that they represent all of you who came and added your blessings to Richard and Peggy.

The teams are departing at all hours throughout tonight and tomorrow morning. Some are driving and some are flying. We pray God's protection over all of them and thank each of them for being obedient to God's calling to come and show His love in a practical way!

Until next time . . . be a blessing to someone tomorrow and bring a smile to God's face!
Susan and Monty

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