Sunday, March 15, 2009

Home comes to Texas

They started coming in on Friday and continued today. First came Rich from our home church and the rest of the team arrived shortly after noon today totaling 10. Many faces we recognized from past trips and others are new. Everyone is excited to see what jobs are in front of them and we are just excited to see "home" right here with us!

The team from Minnesota arrived yesterday afternoon. We were enjoying lunch at our assistant director's home up closer to the Houston area. Diane's daughter and 2 grandchildren were with us and even though it was raining there was a bit of swimming in their heated pool.

By the time we were heading home it was time for Diane to pick up Shirley. She flew in from Diane's home church in Wisconsin. It was so good to see her as she and her husband have volunteered with us before and we even spent a long weekend with them as guests in their home a couple of years ago.

We are awaiting our team from California. One CA team arrived on Friday afternoon. This team has also worked with us numerous times and it will be so good to see them again. I hear they are bringing some new faces also.

With both our home team and CA here this next week it will be a fantastic week. Yes, alot of work will be done but the ministry boost for Monty and I is already an added blessing. As Diane and I looked at jobs for this week we realized that there will be 8 going on in San Leon and 4 in Galveston --- what a week it will be! We just need this rain to stop and some warmer temps to help things out a bit!

Be sure and stay tuned as it will be quite the task to keep up with all that God has planned for all of us (and you) this coming week. We thank you for your prayers!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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