Monday, June 25, 2007

Tearing out to Rebuild

Here they are, both Michigan and Pennsylvania working away.
The top two men from Pennsylvania are working on rebuilding. Look overworked?? Looks more like they are rather enjoying building houses for Jesus, doesn't it!
The following are of the Michigan team, also working at rebuilding. I'm thinking there might be more sheetrock mud on the kids than on the walls? They are learning and having fun in the process. They are all sitting on the porch taking one of their water breaks. Those breaks are mandatory every 30 minutes in humidity like this!
The rest of the Michigan team was busy gutting out a home. Sorry for not getting photos of them. Hopefully tomorrow. They will be returning to the same home for the morning and after lunch will be moving to mud and gut two duplexes that are located side by side. That will most likely take them atleast two days to complete.
This morning at devotions you could feel the excitement in both teams. The "adults" from PA were trying to be a bit more subdued but the kids from MI just let it all go! I would imagine most of them are in bed a bit earlier tonight!
I spent most of my day at the church. We are now getting more and more into the real world. The building is cabled for telephone, fax machine and cable television!! Wow!!! Now all we need are the telephones, fax machine and television! It's just amazing at how we take such things for granted -- until we must learn to do without them.
Monty spent his time running between teams, checking on how they were doing and keeping them in materials. Thankfully they were all working in the same general area of the city. Tomorrow it will be a bit more spread out.
We welcomed our Minnesota long term volunteer back this evening. Mark is a youth pastor and had to travel home to preach a couple of services. We were all very glad to have him back home with us.
Today was also Dovie's birthday! We started her off with a huge sign in the porch where we had devotions. Some of the guys really got a kick out of singing happy birthday to her. Her husband took her out for a nice dinner this evening and we had cake waiting for her when they got back. It's just one of those things you do with family!
Be sure and stay tuned this week as having a team of 54 with only 9 adults is sure to bring out some awesome stories. God moves with such power here and sometimes even more power within the kids.
Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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Anonymous said...

Hello from New Life Assembly in Grantville PA! It's great to see the pictures of our church family there. Thank you for providing this journal! If you get this before they leave, tell them I say Hello and God Bless. If you see David Hall from our church let him know I won't forget his 55th birthday on Friday the 29th.

Many Blessing to You and Your, in the name of our Blessed Savior Jesus! Tricia Hall