Monday, June 18, 2007

Little churches, Big faith

These photos were all taken Friday night. The NJ team had been working in this very small church around the corner from where we are living. They had installed ceramic tile in a room 14 x 15. That may seem like a small task but think again. This church had also been destroyed in the flood, it's located across the street from the levy. At one time the church had actually been a house. It still looks like a house from the outside. NOT on the inside. God lives inside this church and all one need do is step inside and you will know. The pastor and his wife wanted to do something to show their love and gratitude. They invited all of us for a dinner that evening and it was awesome. It gave us all time to laugh, to learn more about the church and to pray with the pastor and his wife.
The top photo is our mother and daughter team from NJ. Captured in a wonderful moment after dinner!
The entire group is in the second photo and the last one is Pastor Mike and Joel praying with the pastor and his wife! Moments in time that will last forever! Those prayers pack such divine power! You can feel it from a distance! The smiles, the thanks and the love are all taken home by each volunteer and will be remembered for a lifetime!
The pastor and his wife were thrilled! They can now not only have church, he has a place for a small office that will also double as a place for the children to meet. (At the moment they have a total of 4 members)!!! Please keep this small church in your prayers! God doesn't look at the numbers, He looks at the hearts! These hearts love the Lord!
How big is your heart?
Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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