Friday, June 29, 2007

So long Michigan

Yes, they made their scheduled time of departure. The entire team came down in a huge bus and they had a timeline to meet. They would be changing drivers at a specified location and set time and they should have made it with no problems.
I don't know if all 54 are in the photo but if not, it's close. There was alot of last minute details going on at the same time. Some were busy cleaning the sanctuary because they had been sleeping there. Others were upstairs cleaning where they had been and still others were cleaning the kitchen and cafe area. It's up to the teams to clean before they leave and the more team members there are the more cleaning needs done. They all did a great job and the place is not only ready for church on Sunday morning it is ready for the next team of 42 coming in Sunday night (our hometown team).
This morning we also bid farewell to our PA team. They did join us for devotion where we could repeatedly sing Happy Birthday to Dave as today was his 55th!! Ooops! Was that supposed to be public knowledge?
We pray for safe travel for both teams. They were all such wonderful blessings to the people here and to us. Seeing their smiling faces and hearts of service are always uplifting to us!
Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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Anonymous said...

i was on this trip with the group of 54 and it was amazing! I really feel that God worked through us this week. i pray the voulenteers keep coming. New Orleans still needs it two years later.