Saturday, June 16, 2007

Goodbye NJ and KY

Amen and Amen!

This morning both our teams were off on their flights home! None of them were ready to go, which says alot for their hearts!

Both of these teams had stayed at the church in the 9th ward and within a day you would've thought they were all from the same place and had known each other all their lives! It never ceases to amaze me that when God reaches into peoples' hearts He actually unites them! As I have said many times there are two kinds of ministry that happens here. There is the obvious ministry that develops between homeowners and the teams who come in and help them. Then there is the ministry that happens within the team itself. Even though they come from the same church they probably don't know each other all that well. After spending a week where they not only work together, eat together AND sleep together, they know each other VERY well! They become a family! For the rest of their lives they will have the bond that was formed while here! That is just such an amazing thing to watch from our viewpoint, and it happens every single time!

Speaking of bonds- - - the first week of July we will have a hometown team coming to work with us. One of the local senior high schools is bringing their football team and some Youth for Christ. I just found out this evening that one of those on the team who is coming is our own Pastor's son! You just don't know how much that means to us and how exciting it is! Not only is a piece of home coming, it's a very special piece of home! We have promised to provide alot of photos that week so his family will realize just how special he really is! Get ready John, you are about to experience a life changing week - - - I promise!

For any of you who think you might like to come down and experience all that we have spoken about, just let me know with a phone call or comment at the end of the blog and I will get with you as soon as possible. The one and only guarantee we have is that it will change your life!!!!

Make sure you attend the church of your choice tomorrow and thank God for your many blessings!

Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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