Sunday, June 24, 2007

Welcome MI and PA

What a busy day it has been! Did someone say it was to be a day of "rest"?

Yesterday our team of 12 from Pennsylvania arrived and early this afternoon our team of 54 from Michigan arrived. The 54 is a team of youth and most of them are making their second trip. They were double shocked when they arrived, once for how much has been done on the church and second for how the city still looks like it did! They realized just how much they are needed.

We also had a nice surprise when 2 girls from northern Indiana returned to work for the week. They have been here before and when their jobs allowed them extra time they headed south! Pastor Teresa was all smiles when she saw them in church!

After getting everything unloaded, they came in a tour bus, we all gathered in the church for our orientation meeting. This is where the basics are spelled out and all of us "long term" volunteers tell where we are from and why we are here. It's a fun time, a time to see the faces of those who have been here before and are thrilled to be back and then the faces of those who have never been here and are wondering about everything. Each day those faces take on an entirely new look. It's an amazing thing to watch. God reaches out and touches each and every person who comes here and it's written all over their faces!

After our orientation we returned home and had another meeting with Joel to discuss the plans and work areas for the teams tomorrow. They will be doing everything from mudding and gutting and yard work to hanging sheetrock. As I have said before, "something for everyone".

The PA team will be having their meals prepared for them by Dovie. The MI team brought their own cooks and will handle things on their own. It's a great choice to offer teams and for only $10 per day per person you can have 3 meals a day prepared for you (Monday through Friday).

Tomorrow is also a special day as it's Dovie's birthday. We all love to celebrate special days and this one will be complete with cards, cake and a couple of surprises!

I also heard from Diane and she arrived home safe and sound early this afternoon. She already had one grandchild with her and was headed to see the other two! Today is her birthday and I'm sure her entire family had a very special day planned for her! (Still doesn't make me miss her any less) :(

Tomorrow starts a new week which will no doubt be filled with miracles and blessings. Be sure and stay tuned.

Until then . . . Susan and Monty

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