Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cough, cough, cough

Yes, once again the teams were busy mudding and gutting. The top photos show where some of them were. The white "spots" on the one photo are dust in the air.
Monty worked with some of them today and had a story of a smell of a different kind. We all know that THE cardinal rule here is to NEVER move the refrigerator in a home. Everything is still inside and after 22 months you cannot imagine the smell! If it "drips" out on your shoes, you will need to literally throw away your shoes. Well, today entered another "smell" that nearly brought up lunches. It seems the homeowner made dolls. There were some plastic containers, with lids on, that held what used to be human hair for the dolls. Mark happened to pick up one and spill it in the process. Monty says he can still smell it tonight! Even the masks can't block things like that. That is the reason we suggest smearing Vicks Vapo Rub underneath your nose before putting on the mask. It can save your lunch!
They did get the work done and the homeowner was so happy.
Michigan continues on Janice's house and it is really coming together. They are also learning more than they probably wanted to know about finishing sheetrock. Part of the team went to another location today. One of our church members is getting closer to being back in her home except it is such a mess no one could work safely. Part of the team went over and got a good start on things. Tomorrow they plan on renting a floor cleaner to hopefully save her hardwood flooring.
This evening was our weekly dinner meeting at Pastor Teresa's house. She always has a good message for all of us and it's fun to get together with everyone and sing and laugh and share God's word.
I am struggling with some kind of really nasty cough that I can't seem to get rid of. I took today to work here at home and get a few things done along with getting some extra rest. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated as this thing is really rough on me. Thank you.
I would also ask for prayers for Pastor Teresa's sister who is battling cancer and the treatments for it. She has young children at home and could really use our prayers.
Thank you for keeping up with God's miracles here on the coast!
Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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