Friday, June 01, 2007

It's June??

Still hard at work, mudding and gutting! What you don't figure on with these jobs is that it also carries to the outside of the houses. So much damage, so much debris, so much of peoples lives just thrown to the curb for the trash man to come and carry off!

Both CA and MO will be heading home tomorrow. Last night they all had the chance to tell something about their trip here, a "testimony" of sorts. Everyone gathered in the sanctuary and nearly 3 hours later they were done. I don't think they were really done, I know the stories will continue the entire trip home and then to their families when they arrive home. But having the opportunity to talk, to share your days, to share your hearts with others who all have the same servant heart is unlike anything that has been done before! There is something special that happens when someone tells their "story". They share a part of themselves and that will always touch someone elses heart. They all have so many stories about their week here. They have seen things they have never seen before, they have done things they have never done and probably thought they could never do, they have been "stretched" by circumstances AND the Lord and they are different people, better people, than when they arrived here. Not one of them will tell you that this trip is what they expected! Not even those who have been here to the Gulf Coast before. Each trip is different, each day is different and the result is that they themselves are different. Their hearts have been touched, by the people who they have helped, by the other team members who came with them and most importantly -- by God! Something has been awakened inside of them, something they probably haven't ever felt before! They may or may not know what it is, but they know it was touched! They have felt emotions they didn't know they even had! They will return different people! Parents -- you have different children coming back to you! Different in good ways! The people of New Orleans have touched them. Other team members have touched them. GOD has touched them! Thank you for sharing your loved ones with us for this week! They were a blessing far beyond what you can imagine!

With the turn of the calendar I realize another month has passed. It's now June, the half way point of the year. More importantly, it is the start of the hurricane season for this year! If you live north you probably aren't even aware of it. Believe me --- EVERYONE here is very aware of it! We are approaching the 2 year mark for Katrina. We need to approach it with getting more and more people back into their homes, back into their lives! The keys are YOU, the volunteers! Come see and experience for yourselves! God will bless you for it!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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