Sunday, June 10, 2007

A couple more photos of the mud out that took place yesterday with the team from IL. One of the bedrooms and the bathroom, shocking aren't they! Not to mention that all the dark color you see on the floor is mud, dried, but mud!

This morning we had the blessing of having all 3 teams with us in worship service. Illinois youth group, New Jersey and Kentucky. NJ and KY are staying at the church location and seem to have become family in only one night. They told us how they all had trouble sleeping last night because they kept waking up feeling the need to pray. So pray they did! They were in the middle of their own worship when we arrived this morning.

After the dinner served at the church we had orientation with NJ and KY teams. From there the KY team did some traveling and NJ headed back to Pascagoula, MS to visit the homeowners where they had worked the last time they were here. They had called Rosemary and she was expecting them. It should have been a wonderful thing for Rosemary to see them as they were the first team in her home, helping her to go through all her things prior to any reconstruction being done. One of those relationship things that will last a lifetime - - on both sides.

The Illinois team had taken the afternoon to spend on a "Swamp Tour". They seemed to be quite tired and hot when they got back this evening but said they had a good time. I must admit that I am not completely certain what one of those tours is but I think the name pretty much says it all! With the temps here nearing the triple digits and the humidity near the same it's no wonder they were a bit on the warm side!

Tomorrow they will all be heading to their work sites. Some of them will be finishing sheetrock, probably doing some hefty sanding from their "learning" day last week! :) Others will be installing ceramic tile in a local church and still others will be hanging sheetrock. There will be others painting and as always, the day will be filled with surprises! God has a way of doing that down here! Sure keeps the days from repeating themselves!

Until then . . . God bless! Susan and Monty

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