Saturday, June 23, 2007

Graduation and Goodbye Diane

Yes, we have returned with graduation from missions school completed! The ceremony last night was wonderful and as you can see by the first photo, Ms Faye was there! She made my night! The only sad part is that Mike could not be there. He could use your prayers, again. He is back in the hospital with blood pressure problems. They found him on the floor nearly comatose and admitted him. But there was nothing, and I mean nothing, that would keep Ms Faye from coming!
The single photo of "the shoe" is to prove to some who questioned - - - it is NOT a reflection, there is a white stripe down each side! Stylin' to the max! And you can also see that Monty was asked to speak at graduation last night and did an outstanding job of speaking his heart about what classes had meant to him. "Life changing" was the heart of his message. For those of you who know him well --- you know just how far outside of his "comfort zone" he was, and I only wish you could've been there to see how God moved him and what words of life he spoke! Wonder what the future holds? I have always been known as the one who speaks in public --- look out world!!! Now we both can!!!
We want to thank International Gospel Outreach for the blessing of being students. But something happened to all of us in the class, we became family! We all gathered after the ceremony and had the same thought, "what will we do on Thursday nights?". We have once again added to our family and in that addition we have 2 Spirit filled prayer warriors who have made themselves available to us with just a phone call! Thank you Evelyn and Charlotte -- we love you both! Thanks to Randy and Charlotte, James and Charlene and Bill and Wanda for the blessing they are to everyone who walks in the doors of the school. And most of all, thanks to Anna Merle for becoming our spiritual "mother".
This morning was a tough one for both Monty and I. Diane left for home and saying goodbye to someone who has become our sister was aweful! We know she needs to be home with her family, with her daughters and her grandchildren, but it just doesn't lessen the pain of loss! When we moved from Pascagoula to Gautier and met Diane we had no idea how the 3 of us would become inseparable! I never dreamed I would find another woman with the same heart for the people! Whenever you would see one of us you would know the other two weren't far behind! She will be missed, not only by us but by all the people whose lives she touched so deeply. Diane has grown so much during her mission and we know God has awesome plans for her, wherever she is. We pray we will all be reuinited --- SOON! In the meantime, Bailey, Porsche and Grant --- you better take really good care of Grammy! She is a special lady and we will miss her each and every day she is not here!
Until tomorrow. . . Susan and Monty

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