Monday, June 11, 2007

The heat is on -- HIGH

Yes, the heat is definitely on! Even the weathermen are talking about how the heat is here earlier this year! Oh goody! Today we had a temperature of 96 with the humidity above 50% which makes being outside feel like 108 degrees! Sweat takes on a whole new meaning!
Never mind the heat, the teams were off to work. Illinois took their teens and if you think the heat might slow them down you should see them all playing games outside in the yard as I write! Oh to be young again??
Kentucky was busy in their own heat and the above photos are New Jersey tiling the floor of a tiny church not too far from us. The church currently has 4 members! And the pastor is thrilled at that! As soon as we get this flooring done they will be able to have a space for the children to come on Sunday mornings!
Each team has their own stories each evening. Both the NJ and KY teams are taking advantage of our offer of having all their meals prepared for them while they are here. This evening we were blessed to join them and Dovie had prepared spaghetti with homemade sauce and it was great! It gives us a chance to visit with everyone. The IL team brought their own cooks and they are staying at our other location so they are preparing their own meals. Either way works out as there are complete kitchen facilities at both locations.
We will not be blogging for the next 3 days as Monty and I have our conference to attend where we will be ordained into the ministry. Please keep us in your prayers. This was one of those plans that God already had planned but didn't let us know until the time was right! He has a way of doing that! We are so blessed to be able to take this next step. The only thing missing will be both my parents and Monty's. Moments like being ordained are really special and even more so if your family shares with you. We understand that none of them can be there, the distance is just too far. We know they will be thinking of us and keeping us in their prayers and THAT is priceless!
We will be returning with photos and updating you on how the teams are doing.
Blessings to all until we return . . . Susan and Monty

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