Thursday, June 28, 2007


Remember the story of the house where the woman made dolls? This face is one of them, found on the floor and carefully, very carefully, placed for this photo. Also remember that if you click on the photo it will enlarge for you.

If you look VERY intently maybe you can see the woman in the pink dress and brown hat that covers the baby's nose?

Just another of those things that become lost and destroyed in the storm. The son who worked along side us in the house shared how he had carefully saved as many of the faces as possible and had no idea the extent of the doll building that his mother did.

That same man came to church this evening. On Thursday nights we have a special worship service with praise and worship music and a time where people, anyone, can share their testimony. There is such power in ones' testimony, ones' story of their life. Tonight was really powerful! I lost count of how many people spoke out about how their life had been and how God had changed them and everything around them. Each story was different but yet the same. All of us have different lives but all of us are loved by God and when He steps in and changes us the praise and glory rings true with each person. They are unable to completely express how they feel and it's as though you can literally see their heart on the outside of their bodies! The church was filled with the presence of the Lord! We even opened the windows of the church so the people walking or driving down the streets could hear the music!

Early tomorrow we will bid farewell to our 12 from PA and around noon another farewell to the team from MI. We ask God to protect them as they travel, to cover them, to lift them up and to reinforce the love and blessings that they brought with them back to them one hundred fold.

Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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