Thursday, June 07, 2007

Last Class?!

Well, once again blogger is having a problem with photos. My apologies.

Yesterday was quite the busy day. Diane, Dovie and myself started in with the total reorganization of our East location. As I have said, both of our sites for housing volunteers are complete with kitchen and shower facilities and also have bunk beds. We installed a divider for women and men along with general reorganization to facilitate as many people as possible. The kitchen was completely cleaned and things organized and put away. It took us all day but when we finished it was so much more "user friendly".

Monty and the guys were busy trying to get the porch completed. Monty installed the ceiling fans but one will need returned and exchanged as it doesn't work properly. One of those things that can be frustrating to discover AFTER getting it installed! It's looking better by the day and a couple of the guys are working on the ceiling as I write.

Last night we had our usual dinner meeting at Pastor Teresa's house. It's always such a blessing to get together and praise the Lord along with enjoying a meal together. There were 15 of us there, a big crowd!

Monty and I are headed back to Mobile, Alabama for our last missions training class this evening! It doesn't seem possible that 6 months have gone by and that we are finally nearing the end. With all our homework turned in it does look like we will be graduating 2 weeks from tomorrow! Praise the Lord.

Our drive awaits us so until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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