Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lightning does amazing things

Yes, when lightning happens things get "scrambled", the computer being one of them. Thus the reason we have been off line for the past couple of days. Anyway, thanks to one of our volunteers who is a computer "wizard" we are now okay. God always brings those we need.
Above are some photos of our "neighbors". Amazing aren't they! And shocking! What you don't realize is that every single neighbor looks similar to those photos! There are no exceptions, no one was spared, no difference between those who had plenty of money and those who didn't. I pray I never become "used to" what I see here!
Both our teams from CA and MO are working hard. Some have been mudding out homes and then gutting them out, others are working at hanging sheetrock in homes, others are working on the church with all the numerous electrical "issues" that come from being 11' underwater for weeks, and still others are working on the finishing touches with electric and construction at the East location.
Somehow God takes each and every one of them and refuels them during the night so they are up and ready to go the next morning. And let's face it, kids and dirt do get along quite well. But there is something different about what they are doing, you can see it in their faces and hear it in their voices. They know they are working for the Lord and they know that without them being here, without their hearts of service, without them taking time from their comfortable lives these folks would not be inching closer to "home". They know it and they feel it and it shows.
Please keep these teams in your prayers as they continue working through the end of this week and new teams prepare to travel to experience the miracles God has in store for them while they are here!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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