Sunday, August 27, 2006

"Why do we do what we do?"

Today was a wonderful, Spirit filled day at church. It's one of those days where you find yourself wondering where the time went, where did the morning go?

When The Refuge has a service that includes baptisms you need to sit back, hold onto your seat and get ready for the Spirit to move!

The above photos are some of those being baptized. What I really want you to note is what they are being baptized in---- can you figure out what it is --- what it was?

Okay, forget trying to guess, you'll never figure it out!

It WAS a plastic container that Convoy of Hope shipped relief supplies in! It's a square that only measures about 3 or 3 1/2 feet across. It is wrapped with plastic, inside and out and then that plastic is wrapped with duct tape. The "steps" are plastic cartons held together with tye wraps. Another layer of plastic is placed on the floor as a "runway". Inside the "baptismal" is a cement block that the person sits on. They must pull themselves as far forward as possible to enable Pastor Rick to completely dunk them without hitting their head!

Now you may look at this and think, how ridiculous! Why don't they get a "real" baptismal? Because this container is sentimental and when you are trying to recover from Katrina such things are put on the back burner and you "make do with what you have". And --- It Works!! God didn't say the baptism wouldn't "take" unless it was done in something "proper". And the uniqueness just adds to the uniqueness of baptism! It was an awesome morning and done all too soon. We are so thankful that this church is growing by leaps and bounds each and every Sunday. Chairs had to be set up this morning and that is awesome! God's kingdom is growing and I know that brings Him true joy!

This brings me to today's sermon topic, the title of this entry.

Stop and think about the question, "why do we do what we do?" Monty and I have been asked that more than once. How could we quit our jobs, leave our families and come here to work disaster relief? How could we leave the comforts and securities of home?

You want to know why? Because God called us to do so and we said "yes". It's that simple!

This whole world is about us being one church, unity and reconciliation, reconciling others to Jesus Christ! God commanded us to share His good news, He didn't ask us to do so if we had the time or if we had the extra finances to do so, He commanded us to "go and make disciples"!

Too many times we Christians walk around as if we are ashamed of the gospel. God allows us to go through certain things in our lives in order for us to take our lessons and share them with others. If we don't use what we have learned, we will loose it! We seem to be afraid that we might offend someone, step on their toes! Amen! It takes stepping on our toes to get our attention most of the time!

There are so many people walking around trying to fill that hole in their heart with anything they can find; drugs, alcohol, pills, sex, internet porn, the list can go on and on. There is only ONE WAY to fill that hole, that is with Jesus! How will they know if we aren't the ones to tell them? How will they know if we aren't the ones to show them?

I have said it before and will repeat it for as long as we are on our mission, rebuilding the homes is second! Rebuilding lives is FIRST!

When volunteers come and SHOW the love of Jesus, they are responding to God's command. They are obeying. They are bringing people to Christ!


Come join us, spread the word of God, bring others to Jesus, be a blessing ... and be blessed!

Until tomorrow....Yea God! Boo devil! Susan and Monty

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