Thursday, August 03, 2006

Barbara Visits IN team

This is what the back of the trailer looked like last night, at the beginning of loading the bags of food for the upcoming Outreach. By the time we were done this trailer was filled from back to front and bottom to over the top! The sides of the trailer stand 4' high to give you a better idea of its size! Like I said, 1650 bags ready to bless 1650 people! Please keep us in your prayers, for the people who need blessed to come and be blessed!

Today was the day Barbara came to visit the IN team. She always loves to come and meet the teams who have taken time from their lives to come and bless her. It's always such a great blessing to the teams to have the opportunity to meet her, to talk with her, to hear her story and to hear her thankful heart. She spent the afternoon there and was also able to see all of the progress made by this team. She was in amazement! She also realizes that we are getting closer and closer to moving her back into her home!

Pastor Tim will meet the team there tomorrow morning with the toilet for her master bath. He will be purchasing a handicapped one to make life alot easier for her! We are so thankful to him and her church for the help they have been to both us and her in getting her rebuilt!

Monty spent the day with the team and was able to install doors and purchase a couple more that were still needed. She has a linen closet that had become a problem in finding a door just the right size. Lowes wanted "an arm and a leg" for one and would have to order one to size, thus putting the price too far out there for us. We decided to wait and as usual, God steps right in the middle and puts just what we need, at a discounted price, right in front of us just when we need it! It is now the most beautiful door in her house! Praise the Lord--once again!

The team was also able to repair and remount 4 columns that held up her front porch area outside of her home. Although the storm took down all of them, 3 of them were in okay shape. The 4th took a beating but these guys were able to repair it and put them all back up again. What a difference it made in the appearance and she was thrilled. It made it look like home again, the way she remembered it!

They also continued work on the flooring and everything else they have been doing. Even though they are heading for home tomorrow they are going to go back and work half a day at her house. They have things they want to accomplish before they go and they are determined to make every minute count!

We are so appreciative of this team and will miss them when they leave. They have told us they WILL be back and we look forward to that day! Each team brings special blessings with them and this team has followed suit. Isn't God an awesome God!

I will close this with another "quotable quote" from their Pastor this morning. Just after we had our circle of prayer to send everyone out for their day he said "GO GOD! BOO DEVIL"!!!!

Until tomorrow....Susan and Monty

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