Sunday, August 20, 2006

We are in Houston

Okay, I said we would be off for a couple of days but I got an extra minute to write.

We made it fine and well! It took about 7 1/2 hours to get here yesterday but the drive was easy and we only hit a patch or two of showers. When we got to the hotel room we were more than pleasantly surprised! The pastor had booked a wonderful room for us, it's larger than our entire trailer "back at the ranch". What a wonderful joy it was to shower in a shower where I had room and didn't bump my head during the process! We are so thankful to Pastor Parker for their hospitality!

We showered and took off for dinner and headed into downtown Houston to Lakewood Church where Joel Osteen and his wife, Victoria are pastors. They purchased the dome where the Houston Rockets basketball team used to play! This place is HUGE!!! We should have photos in the next couple of days. It was wonderful! It's nearly impossible to describe what's all there. They have classed for children of all ages and the decor inside would draw any kid to church. They only time I have been in a church with that many people was when Billy Graham came to Indianapolis and was at the Dome! The worship music was fantastic, along with everything else that had to do with the service. We celebrated communion and heard an inspiring message from Joel. When it was over we had the opportunity to meet both Joel and Victoria in person. They meet and greet those who have never been there, they signed my Bible and then we had our photo taken with them. Like I said, it was such a blessing to be able to be there in person and receive the inspiration we needed while here.

This morning we were blessed to find our way to the church, Plum Grove Assembly. It was less than 30 minutes from our hotel and another nice drive. We were welcomed with open arms and also enjoyed attending the Sunday School class prior to the church service. Pastor did not have a message for the congregation --- we were the message. We had prepared a Power Point presentation which included numerous photos of our mission and some general information. It went off without a hitch and hopefully touched the hearts of those who might be considering making the trip next month.

Pastor and his wife treated us to a really nice dinner afterwards and we now have a couple of hours to rest here at the hotel before returning this evening for a meeting with those who have already signed up for the trip and for those who might have questions or be considering going.

This has been an awesome opportunity for Monty and I to share what God has been doing all along the coast. We are only 9 days away from the 1 year anniversary and although that will bring some news back through the media it won't tell it all. Coming and sharing with others brings a renewal and reality --- telling and showing how it really looks, how far it has come and how far it still needs to go. Without volunteers continuing to come the rebuilding process will come to a screeching halt and thousands of people will not receive the help they so desperately need!

I challenge you just as we challenged those this morning, listen to the still, small voice and know that it is the voice of God! Listen to the direction He is guiding you and then make the choice to follow His leading! God is an awesome God and He knows the plans He has for your life, plans for a future and hope!

Thank you for all of your prayers for us for safe travel. We will be leaving Houston tomorrow morning heading back to Mississippi. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and continue to pray that the needs of the people all along the coast who have suffered so much since Katrina, will have their needs met, and more!

Thank you for coming along with us on this mission. We could not do it without you! We pray God's blessings for all of you.

Until tomorrow ... love to all ... Susan and Monty

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