Friday, August 04, 2006

Goodbye Indiana

The Indiana team worked over half the day finishing up last minute things at Barbara's with Monty. They had planned on making the trip home in 2 days so they weren't in a big hurry to get started. It was just so hard saying goodbye to these 6 guys because they have become family also! And as tough as they are on the outside they got a kick out of the 6 teddy bears we had lined up for them to take home with them! :)

Diane and I spent the entire morning setting up for tomorrows outreach. We put up orange fencing until our hands hurt and then helped with all of the tents. I lost count but think there are 8 - 9 tents up and a couple of them are quite large! It reached 95 degrees today before a shower came through late afternoon. We were soaked through in a matter of minutes but had fun getting things layed out. There will be a kids area with fun and games, a prayer tent, a social services tent, free food and drinks, free groceries and so much more. Be sure and stay tuned as tomorrow night will most likely be a pictorial of the day! Please keep us all in your prayers as it is to be another extremely hot one tomorrow! Also pray that those who need to come will come. At the last one in April they had 55 salvations --- really a God thing!

We went back after a pizza lunch and finished with what we could do in setting up. We need to be back there at 8:30am tomorrow to put on the finishing touches before opening at 10am.

There was service/volunteer rally at church this evening. Pastor Rick handed out pumpkin seeds and challenged us all to "plant seeds" tomorrow. All it takes is a smile and/or a handshake to reach others for Jesus.

We then divided into the different groups for a short training coarse for tomorrow. Pastor thinks it should take about 100 volunteers and I am sure we will have plenty.

Berry, Teresa's husband came back this evening also. He brought Amber with him and it is so good to see them again. The only bad thing is that when they leave on Sunday they will be taking Teresa with them and that will be tough! She has become such a part of our family here, Monty, myself, Diane and Teresa. We will truly miss her and I know how hard it is going to be for her to leave. She has a real servant's heart and is already dreading leaving. We are so thankful that she made the decision to stay the extra 2 weeks and thank her for everything she has done! I know she won't stop when she leaves so those of you who know her --- get ready ---she is on a roll!!!

The final touch for the evening was making the Convoy of Hope posters to hang over our tent awning tomorrow. We are as ready as we can be and are so excited! God is about to sweep over the entire city and it will be awesome! Don't you wish you could be here????

Until our big day tomorrow....GO GOD! BOO DEVIL!! Susan and Monty

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Barbara Strahan said...

Thanks is just not enough for all the work you completed in my home this week. As each team finishes I can see an even greater "New Beginning" in my home. It was certainly even greater when I left Thursday than I ever thought I could even dare to dream or hope for, but then I remember what a "Wonderful God" we serve. Thanks to each of you on this "Indiana Team". God Bless You always. Barbara