Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"Shake it off and step up"

What a busy, busy day!

Barbara's troubled areas of flooring are now out and the new is going in. Praise the Lord!

Our day got off to a very busy start. Monty went his way to the Pascagoula Lowes to meet with Pastor Tim and pick up the blower for our team to blow the ceiling insulation into Barbara's home. It's a monsterish looking machine but just what we needed. We are grateful to Tim for arranging and supplying the machine and the insulation. Monty and Stephen made a trip to the warehouse and brought back the sheetrock needed to rock in the garage ceiling before blowing the insulation. Thanks Convoy!

Monty made a return trip to Lowes with one of the team members and their list of supplies needed. We were able to find a discounted patio double door to replace the one she had that was rotting due to the flood. The team was installing it the last time I saw them. They were also putting on the electrical plates, starting some of the door casing, painting in the closets and who knows how many other things they had on their "to do" list. What an awesome group of men who just dig their heels in and get the work done!

Diane and I also started our morning at Lowes, the one in Gautier. We had a listing of everything needed to get some closet shelving put in so Barbara can hang some clothes in her closet and use her linen closet. It took us quite awhile but we got it done and got the materials to them so they could add to that ever growing list. They just smile and keep going!

Once again we are so thankful to Camp Hope for helping us supply the needs of those in need here. We just can't thank them enough!

I also had a wonderful phone call from our team leader and pastor of the Texas team coming in a few weeks. They have invited Monty and I to come and speak at their church prior to their coming. They want to get them fired up for the trip. Of course we told them we would be happy to and will be working out the details in the next couple of days. They say Houston is not all that far from here and we are always ready to do whatever we can to bring awareness to others about this effort. We will be putting together photos to really show the reality of things! We are so thankful that they have invited us and look forward to meeting them and spending some time with them.

This evening we were once again honored to be included in the Assembly's monthly District dinner meeting. It is so great to be able to be a part of such a blessed group of people. The speaker this evening was a missionary dedicated to helping the orphans in China and her presentation was quite moving. Please keep her, and the children of China, in your prayers. She has a true heart for that ministry and pray God will guide her in her mission. We want to say a special thanks to the District Pastor David for including us in these meetings.

Tomorrow morning we will be taking our van into the glass shop. A rock hit the windshield last week and what was once a chip is now a crack working its way down the entire window. We are thankful that our insurance will take care of it! They warned us that the intense heat down here can crack windshields if you keep your windows closed tightly but this came from a rock. Should be good as new by tomorrow afternoon.

We hope all of you are keeping our upcoming Outreach in your prayers. Please pray that God brings the people that need to be here and that we all have His wisdom to know just how to reach them where they are at. We will be starting the preparations tomorrow. If you happen to be reading this and live in the area, please come out between 10am and 2pm on Saturday and share in the fun and fellowship, free food, prizes and games and a God filled day!

Thank you for all you are doing in this relief effort. We pray God's blessings on each and every one of you. YOU are our life-lines!

Until tomorrow....Susan and Monty

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