Friday, August 11, 2006

Welcome home Barbara

Well, here they are and they pretty much speak for themselves!

It was the day we had been waiting for since we started on May 6th. With 9 different teams involved, and the blessing of the Lord, Barbara returned to her completed home today.

You will see the group photo of the New Jersey team who worked right up to the last minute with all of the finishing touches they wanted to put into the house.

There were so many people there to welcome her home, the head coordinators of Convoy of Hope, pastors, family, friends, neighbors, so many people who loved her and are so happy she is now able to return "home".

The circle is a circle of prayer before entering her home. Pastor Mike of the New Jersey team did us all the honor of blessing her house.

You can see the ultimate shine on her tile floors, thanks to Diane and the team making sure all 3 coats of sealer were applied correctly.

Her beautiful bathroom is also shown in the color she had always wanted, green. Her brand new kitchen in all its beauty. The house went on and on and she cried as she entered each room. She was especially touched when she went into her bedroom and saw that the team had located all the parts and drawers of her original bedroom furniture that was everywhere in the filthy garage, cleaned it up and set it up in the room! Then she knew she was finally home!

The final photo is Trish, living the All American Dream, perched on the front porch, next to the cement block with the flag painted on it, in her straw hat on a very hot day, drinking a bottle of water and munching on Goldfish!! What a perfect end to a perfect day!

I know I have said it before but I will continue saying it over and over again, Monty and I are so very blessed to be a part of the disaster rebuilding! It is an honor to work for these families and do what we can to restore their homes and hopefully a part of their lives! A day like today is just affirmation that God has us right where He wants us! We thank Him, and all of you, for making this possible for us!

Once again this team has joined with all of those in the past and become a family, not only with us but with each other. We try and tell them that it will happen and we see the doubts, but those doubts change as each day goes by and at the end of the week they know! They have lived it, they feel it in their hearts and they just know that their lives have been changed, they will never be the same.

There are always "feelings" that happen and this evening was no different. Matt, the electrician told us that although he likes the work he is in, he has never really felt a "passion" for it, until here! It's just another God - thing! He has felt it and will never be the same!

Don't you wish you could feel that same thing? Working for the Lord ... there is NOTHING like it in the world! NOTHING!

Thank you Convoy of Hope, Camp Hope and Bethel Assembly for all you did to make it possible for us to put Barbara back into her home! May God increase His blessings to you a hundred fold! And please !!!! keep doing what you are doing!!!!

Until tomorrow.... please keep this team in your prayers as they will be flying home tomorrow and with all of the heightened security they could use some extra prayers!

Blessings to each and every one of you ... Susan and Monty


Barbara Strahan said...

WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY THIS HAS BEEN! I am still up and it is Midnight! I wonder if I will be able to sleep at all tonight. I knew the end was almost here but never dreamed it could be so exciting. Thanks to this New Jersey Team that has just finished a hard week, thanks for all of the Special Finishing Touches that you have contributed to make my home complete. Thanks to Convoy of Hope, Especially Thanks, Thanks, Thanks to Montie and Susan! Thanks to my Chuch, Bethel A/G, to Pastor Tim and Sherry for all of your help. Thanks to The Refuge Center in Gautier and their Pastors. Thanks to all of the Teams who have been here in the past and for your continued prayer support even after you went home. I will miss meeting the teams who come down to work on the homes as this was a real special time each week meeting the people. I never knew that so much joy could be expressed through people working so hard to help others. God Bless All Of You, Always. Barbara

Kim said...

Congratulations Barbara!

And to all those who helped make it possible!!!!!

So glad to see what the Lord has done and is doing!!

Elmer,Kim, and Rose
Bloomington, Indiana

Anonymous said...

Hello! How is everyone? Blessed I know. Just want you guys HA! HA! to know that I am doing great, It did take a few resting days. Daine I don't know how you keep on going like you do! I MISS ALL THREE OF YOU VERY MUCH!! Looking forward to the day Berry and I can return to the Ranch. Please let us know when you will be coming our way. Your sister in Christ Teresa

Anonymous said...

I am beside myself.....didn't mean to wait until the 19th to read about this day...anyhow, I WISH I were there with you, Barbara!

God bless you and your new home! Thanks New jersey for pressing through like you did!

Andrea in NC