Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pascagoula Monument & Americore

The marker on the monument unveiled in Pascagoula yesterday says it all. You can see the actual size of the 3 waves with both Monty and I there to give you perspective. Hard to imagine yet we see the results every day. We didn't make it to the ceremony yesterday but had to go today and see it. Makes one really stop and think!

Today we also something new being created for upcoming volunteers. What a blessing this will be-and all thanks to Americore. They are taking the old Pascagoula Recreation Center that had flooded during the storm and are creating it into a sort of "hotel" to house volunteers! You can see how hard these kids are working, their clothing is soaked - and it was morning when we took these photos! They are using skill saws to cut away bleachers that were installed with the idea that they would never be removed! What used to be the gym is being transformed into the sleeping quarters. They will have a full kitchen, a lounge area to relax in, full and multiple showers for both men and women and a work out area (for those who still have energy to burn)! This idea came about when many of the local churches that have been housing volunteers started to realize their dream of having real church again. Housing the volunteers became difficult because the rooms they had been using needed to return to offices and/or classrooms again.

Americore saw the need and acted. The churches will still have the work planned out for the workers, this place will just be housing them. A "hotel" if you would call it that! It will be an incredible blessing for everyone here. Even we sometimes get to the place where we wonder if we will have enough room to house our own volunteers. We only have one room for women and one for men. Problem solved! Now all we need are the truckloads of volunteers to reach the point of overflowing!

We are so thankful to Americore for their inovative idea and then for stepping in and putting it into action. We are hoping that there will be a way we can step in and assist them in some areas. They are putting together some things for us and we look forward to working with them.

From the very beginning Monty has always stated that we are "one body" and everyone should be working together. Leave the church "labels" at the state line is what we like to tell people. This venture is a perfect example of just that. All of us working together for the one goal of rebuilding homes and lives! It's just that simple. It doesn't make any difference where we attend church, it just makes the difference that we DO attend church! Service to others and relationships -- just the plain facts layed out by Jesus Himself. All we need do is follow His example!

We thank Americore for what they are doing. Their target "open" date is September 14th. Just in time for what we hope is cooler weather that will bring the volunteers pouring back to the area!

Please keep all of these relief efforts in your prayers. "One Body" working together, following Jesus! Sounds like fun to us!

Until tomorrow where we will be telling you about yet another relief effort working here along the coast ..... Susan and Monty

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