Monday, August 07, 2006

New Jersey gets started

Don't they look like a lovable group of guys? This is the team from Mt Vernon, Indiana that left on Friday. Sorry for being late with the photo guys! We love you and miss each and every one of you! Come back soon!!!!!

I want to start with some wonderful news! Thanks to you and all of your prayers I have the honor of telling you that our neighbor, Frances, came through her hip surgery just fine and amazed the doctors that at her 94 years of age that she is as "spry" as she is! Her daughter, Cynthia, will be getting settled into our house for the time being and they both will be staying there once Frances is dismissed and through her physical therapy! Remember that they just sold their house and were on their way to their big move to Pittsburg. We always told them that our house was their house and now it came true in the literal sense. Please continue to keep her in your prayers for a speedy recovery.

Our team of 11 from New Jersey got started on their big week this morning. We divided them in 2 teams. The first team of 4, including the 2 electricians, went to Delores's house. She had some issues that needed taken care of. She had her complete check list ready and waiting for them and they got it ALL done today! She also made her way into their hearts and they into hers!

The rest of the team went to Barbara's and worked on a multitude of things. They were grouting the tile flooring, cleaning furniture and who knows what all. I really think we might be "closing" on this house by the end of the week. I know Barbara reads this blog daily and I don't want to "let the cat out of the bag" so you'll just have to wait and read about some things AFTER they happen! Barbara --- I'll be calling you so just sit tight and don't start the drive here just yet!!!! :)

We were also able to be a special blessing to another family this afternoon. Along with providing them with some much needed sheetrock we were able to get a freezer and carpet remnant from what has been donated from the west coast. She, and both of her sons, were so thankful! Just another way to share and show the love of God to others. We can all talk the talk until we are blue in the face but the "show me, don't tell me" is really true. If you could just see the looks on the faces of the people we are able to bless, to see the warmth in their hearts, to see the tears stream from their faces because they can't believe you are doing this for them....I would dare you to not join in with the tears! We are so thankful to the organizations that are aware that the need is still sooooo great down here and then step out to do something! A God - thing, again!

Thank you for all you are doing to keep the awareness level up. We are fast approaching the 1 year anniversary of the storm and although things are getting cleaned up, there is a huge difference between getting cleaned up and getting rebuilt!!! Thanks to organizations such as Convoy of Hope who have made a lengthy commitment to get the rebuilding done!

Until tomorrow ... hug your neighbor's neck ... and thank God for all your blessings! Susan and Monty

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