Sunday, August 06, 2006

Goodbye Teresa

Here are some more photos of the Outreach yesterday. You can the trailer full of bagged groceries given out, the man in yellow was the most awesome trash supervisor ever seen!

The crowd of people are watching the puppet show and 19 of those kids won a free bicycle! The kids zone was filled with things for them to do. The last photo is of Diane and myself taking information from those looking for some kind of help getting their homes rebuilt!

Church this morning was still overflowing with enthusiasm from yesterday! It was an incredible service. Some of the newest "members" that came from yesterday were here.

After lunch we had the sad experience of saying goodbye to Teresa. She has been with us for 3 weeks and has become like a sister to us. I must call her tomorrow morning and ask her why she is late for devotion! As hard as I tried, the tears still poured! When we make our trip home and stop in Alabama do speak at their church we will be blessed to stay with Berry and Teresa and their family. We will look forward to seeing them then. And saying goodbye to Amber brought even more tears. She is in high school and has the heart and goal of being in missions and we know, without a doubt, she will succeed! We love you guys! Teresa, you were such a blessing not only to the people you helped but to us and we will miss you more than you know!

Atleast she got the chance to be adjusted before she left. We are so blessed to have a chiropractor in this team and he actually brought his portable adjustment table with him! We all made it through our first adjustment and will make it a daily practice.

This day took a turn that we had not planned on and we REALLY need prayers. Our dear neighbor ladies who are mother and daughter, Frances and Cynthia, are our family! They won't mind me telling their ages as it is something to be proud of! Frances in 94 and Cynthia is 71. Today is a day that they have been planning on for the past 2 years. They were moving to Pittsburg to live near family, Cynthia's son and his family. God had other plans. Last night, after their son had packed all of their things and already left in the UHaul Frances fell and broke her hip! They have not only sold their house but also their car! Frances is now facing surgery sometime tomorrow and needs your prayers! She is a very small lady, only about 4'8" and can't be 89 pounds soaking wet! This surgery won't be easy and she needs all of the prayer strength we can all muster! I beg all of you to please pray for them as they will be staying in our house until who knows when. We love them dearly and are heartbroken that we are not right there with them. THIS is when this calling gets tough!

We thank you for everything but mostly, this evening, we thank you for praying for our ladies!
We will keep you updated as to how she does.

Until tomorrow ... God bless and comfort our ladies ... Susan and Monty

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