Wednesday, August 09, 2006

They're getting closer....

The top 4 photos and the 6th one are of the blessed ones who received appliances and/or sheetrock yesterday. The appliances and carpeting came from Operation Family Care, the sheetrock from Convoy of Hope. Both of these organizations are awesome beyond words and without them this rebuilding would be completely impossible. Along with these people, and everyone along the coast, Monty and I included, we thank both of these organizations! May God bless all of you!

The following photos are of our wonderful New Jersey team! They are outdoing themselves! They are also finding muscles where they didn't know they had them, grouting floors all day long will definitely locate them! They continued to pour it on today, making tremendous progress. As the time gets closer, they work even harder. They WILL make the deadline and it will be an incredible "unveiling" for Barbara. We are also excited that our Convoy of Hope leaders will be coming to see the house. Once again, without their help this would not have been possible. Camp Hope was also a major part but considering they are located in California, they will not be able to be here. I know Jim will be watching the blog and Jim, we thank you for everything you are doing!

The second part of the team continued working on elecrical in the Spanish Village. My hearts went out to these guys this afternoon because it was cooler outside (95) than it was inside the trailer they were working in. Not once did they complain, they just worked and worked and knew they were working for the Lord! They will return again tomorrow and the Village will continue to be blessed!

I am also pleased to report that our neighbor, Frances, continues to improve after her surgery for her broken hip. She had her first therapy this afternoon and amazed the doctors. I don't think they believe she is 94 years "young"! We thank you for continuing to keep her in your prayers!

This week has had extra evening blessings. A couple of the team members brought their guitars and every evening is a wonderful celebration to the Lord. Monty has joined in with them and it has become a huge "class" where each is learning from the other! It is relaxing to listen to all of them playing and praising the Lord!

Until tomorrow where everyone will be working toward their goals to the finish line...blessings to all of you....Susan and Monty

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