Thursday, August 10, 2006

Her "everything" hurts!

This is why her "everything" hurts! Yours would too if you spent the past 4 days, and into the evenings, in this position, grouting tile floors! Like I said before, this isn't your regular grout, it's latex based and comes in tubes like whipped cream and is time consuming to say the least! Diane and Stephen have been crouched down all week and both of them would like to find some new knees right about now! There are just no appropriate words to thank them.

To top it all off, Stephen was at Barbara's this morning at 6:30 AM!!!! using the weed wacker trying to spruce things up even more. I wonder what the neighbors thought! :)

The NJ team hit it hard again today. They looked like worker bees when I pulled up this morning. They were all working outside, planting, mulching, power washing the house, painting outside, hanging a new flag and who knows what all! You could feel the hand of God working through them. It was such a blessing just to watch them going back and forth, talking the entire time, deciding what would happen next and who would be involved.

Tomorrow they will finally get to meet Barbara, although she was spotted doing a "drive-by" this afternoon by those who recognize her! I knew the anticipation would get the best of her!

We hear that not only will her pastor be there, Pastor Tim and Sherry, but it was announced at the Wednesday evening worship service.

I heard from the reporter today and they are right on schedule.

It's at times like this that Monty and I feel so blessed to be a part of this relief effort. To be here, to see and meet and get to know all of the teams, to see their hearts of service, to feel their enthusiasm and watch them grow while they are here is nothing short of a miracle. And we get to see them happen each and every week.

Once again this evening they are all sitting around playing guitars and worshiping the Lord. Stephen can hardly stay away and we don't even want to think about the fact that he must leave next Thursday to return to college. God really blessed us with him and we have grown to love him so very much. I KNOW he will miss the 3 of us! But we also know God has tremendous plans for Stephen's life and will bless him greatly.

I would like to ask for your prayers for our "grand reveal" tomorrow. Barbara has waited a long time and gone through more than you could know and deserves to return "home". Please keep all of us in your prayers. Tomorrow is a day to give God ALL the glory, to thank and praise Him for all His blessings that have been poured over all of us who have had the privilege to bring this house to completion for her.

Until tomorrow ... GO GOD!!! BOO DEVIL!!!!
We love you all. Susan and Monty

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Anonymous said...

PLEASE hug Barbara for me tomorrow when she comes! THANKS to everyone for continuing this work!

N.C. Andrea