Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Welcome the new Disaster Response Vehicle

What a vehicle!!

Today we were blessed to not only see the newest Convoy of Hope Disaster Relief Mobile Command Center but also the 2 gentlemen who head up the entire disaster relief efforts. Kary and Paul brought the newest in relief efforts here for us to tour. This vehicle is amazing and will be such a blessing the next time it is needed.

The trailer used to be a mobile medical vehicle a few years ago. The equipment was outdated for the US and it was donated to Convoy. A "few" dollars later it is the latest and greatest! It will sleep 6, the main core of first response volunteers. It will also allow for communication with the outside world when there is none locally. Survivors will be able to come to the command center and get word back to their loved ones, through email, that they are alive and well. The storms can also be tracked and information relayed to headquarters through the latest technology.

It was an honor to meet both Paul and Kary and to have the opportunity to see this command center first hand. Once again both Monty and I are so very blessed to be a small part of this wonderful relief effort that Convoy does! Thanks guys, may God continue to bless you and yours!

Today Diane, Monty and Stephen continued working in Stephen's house. Their new cabinets have arrived and the installer will be working there in about another week. The old cabinets needed removed and also the walls behind them. This got completed today and tomorrow they will start hanging the new sheetrock and finishing it in preparation for the new cabinets. Stephen did get to take a break this afternoon and come and see the command center also! He even got a new hat! We have been so blessed to have him be a part of our team, a part of our family, this summer and are sorry to say he will be leaving for Ole' Miss this Thursday! I cannot tell you how much we will miss him but we are also so very pleased that he is interested in continuing to work with disaster relief once he graduates in a year! God has touched his heart this summer and has a wonderful plan for his life! Yea God, Boo devil!

Monty and I also want to thank you for your prayers for his family. The death of his uncle is a rough one and all of the family needs your continued prayers. It is especially hard for us being so far from home. Thank you for everything!

Until tomorrow .... hug your family this evening, better yet, call them and tell them how much you care for them ... Susan and Monty

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