Thursday, August 17, 2006

Power Point Preparation

Okay, who is doing the learning and who is teaching? Diane and I both are trying to get it figured out!

I spent most of the day getting our photos arranged for our presentation this weekend in Houston, Texas. I think I have it but who knows for sure. The rest is up to the Lord. I have no problem with public speaking and really do enjoy it but my prayer is always that the words come from God and that He remove the ones I don't need! You've been reading the blog long enough to know exactly what I am talking about!!!!! :)

After rain downpouring all night we were very glad we covered the trailer loaded with items to take to the warehouse. We made that trip first thing this morning thinking it might be a bit cooler --- NOT! There is no such thing as cooler here, let alone less humid! But we did get it unloaded before being completely drenched.

Diane, Stephen and Monty worked in Stephen's house getting more sheetrock hung in the kitchen and Monty getting the final two doors hung. It's coming along nicely and should be ready for the cabinet installer when he arrives. Stephen leaves for school early tomorrow morning but Diane will continue working as usual. When it comes to drywall finishing, rest assured she is one of the best! It's amazing the talents one aquires down here!

We were awaiting the phone call from the sheetrock delivery driver all day but it never came. He must be delayed for some reason or another and hopefully will arrive tomorrow.

It was especially awesome to receive the email I did this evening. It seems our New Jersey team is already planning a return trip for the end of October! What an answer to prayer! The need is just so great and they realized just that when they were here. We are so thankful to them for answering the call and putting the plans together. We pray blessing on all of their plans. We look forward to seeing them again and will make sure they are able to work on another blessing for another family! Isn't God awesome!

We want to thank all of you who have responded with your cards, calls and prayers for Monty's family at this difficult time. Things are still extremely painful and all of your thoughts and prayers are appreciated very much!

Thank you for coming along with us on our mission to rebuild the coast. Please think about being one of those who puts together a team of volunteers and makes the "life changing" trip here to help. If you do so, you won't be sorry!

Until tomorrow....we love and miss you ... Susan and Monty

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