Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Stormy night

Last night proved to be quite interesting after I finished the blog.

There was a line of thunderstorms that blew up on the radar like we have never seen before! It looked like a bomb went off and the radar turned red!

We waited it out as long as we could in our trailer before "evacuating" to the church, dogs and all. When the winds started they really started! The sand in the parking lot was swirling around in mini tornados! The lightning was constant, no breaks in between. The rain finally came but it wasn't a hard rain. We waited it out inside the building for about an hour and then all it did was rain lightly during the night.

The results of the wind were another subject. There has been a Convoy of Hope relief tent set up out back, just next to our trailer, ever since they landed here in October of last year. It was covered by tarps on 3 sides and the roof, until last night. This morning there was only 1 side left hanging on and the roof had been folded back about half way. This gave us the opportunity to get inside and do some major cleaning and reorganizing. It took all afternoon, and quite a few breaks as the heat index hovered around 110 degrees, but we got it all done!

I also learned, again!, how powerful and fierce the fire ants can be when you disturb their home! My feet and ankles will show the results by tomorrow! I knew I should have left my tennis shoes on instead of changing into flip flops! :)

We started the morning by making a trip to the warehouse to pick up some greenboard and a couple more pieces of sheetrock for Stephen's house. They got all the kitchen cabinets removed yesterday and were ready to get the new walls up today. Diane and Stephen were hard at it all day and made good progress. Their electrican also came by and okayed everything as good to go.

Monty was busy working in the tent and building the shelving so desperately needed inside the warehouse area in the back of the church. The existing plastic shelves are slowly collapsing and won't hold out much longer. Monty had an awesome plan "in his head" and when it came out in the real thing it is exactly that - awesome! These will be just what we need, and also portable, just in case. In fact, he is still working on them at this late hour!

This evening was special for Diane, Monty, myself and Stephen. Stephen will be leaving to return to college tomorrow after lunch and we took him to dinner to show a small thank you for all he has done this summer. We will all miss him so much as he is now our family. We know God has wonderful plans for him but will miss him anyway! He said he will be back on weekends when he can and will want to join in and help out. His heart of service, at such a young age, is such a blessing! Please keep him in your prayers, for safe travel (5 hours one way) and that he will do well in this, his final year of school. Convoy of Hope has made a lasting impression on him and we thank them for all they have done for all of us!

Monty and I would also like to thank all of you who have been keeping he and his family in your prayers and for all of the supportive comments. This is an extremely difficult time for all of them and being so far away makes it a bit tougher for him. Thank you for your kindness and love!

Until tomorrow ... Yea God! Boo devil!! Susan and Monty

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