Tuesday, August 22, 2006

8 years today!

Yes, 8 years ago today Monty and I were married! What an amazing 8 years it has been. I imagine we have already been through more in those years than some couples have been through in 48!

God is such an amazing God and His plans are always just right. We all go through what we go through just to get us to where we are today. As Monty has said many times when asked if he could go back and relive his life, what would he change; he responds saying that everything in his past has brought him to where he is today and therefore he would not change a single thing or he wouldn't be where he is now! A good lesson for all of us! Too many times we look back on our life with regrets, wishing this and that hadn't happened, thinking we would do this or that different if we knew then what we know now. That isn't what God has in mind for us. Yes, we have all messed things up, some of us more than others. BUT there is such a thing as Jesus on the cross and forgiveness!! Too many of us waste our todays with regretting yesterdays. God wants us to live for the now, do what we can do today, live as He would have us live, for today!

Two years ago this past June I didn't think we would be able to celebrate one more day together. One night at 3;15AM Monty woke me up saying he was having a heart attack. At 3:15 in the morning it's hard enough to comprehend anything, let alone your husband telling you he's having a heart attack! Well, he was right. We were at the hospital in less than 15 minutes and within the next 45 minutes he was gone! Not dismissed gone, gone gone! His heart stopped and it took shocking him twice to bring him back! I refused to leave the room thus my memories are quite a bit different than his. But one thing we do have in common is this ---- that night everything in our lives changed!!!!!!!!! Everything!!!!!

Today is all we have, no more and no less. God promises to provide our every need --- for today. Yes, we make plans for our future but God has the final plan! I know I never want to relive that night. And I also know that whatever God sends my way He will be right there to get me through. I also know that if it had been God's plan to take Monty to be with Him that night that is exactly where Monty would be --- with God! Do you know that about your spouse, about yourself??

If we were to live our lives as if this were our last day on earth and our first to meet Jesus in heaven, how would we live that day? A thought to ponder, isn't it!

I thank God that He did not take Monty that night, and I will continue to thank God for each day He gives the two of us together. Each one of those days is a blessing, not to be taken for granted, not to be wasted and not to be spent any other way other than in service to Him!

This may not be my usual blog filled with information about the relief effort, but in all actuality, it is just that! This relief effort is due to the fact that Monty and I are together, due to the fact that we chose to follow God's calling upon our lives, chose to be obedient and to trust in Him to the maximum! We thank Him for each other and we thank Him most of all for LIFE, for LOVE and for our SALVATION!

Can you thank Him for those same things? Think about it. If you can't --- do what it takes so you can!

Until tomorrow .... "LIFE IS GOOD" PS. I love you Monty!! Susan (& Monty)


some guy named Dave said...

Happy Anniversary! I've been thinking about your anniversary all day, and how blessed you both are to have each other. May you have many more happy years serving God together, (And no more scares like the one that night!)

Anonymous said...

Dear, Montey and susan !Hope you both are doing well. I miss the RANCH alot. I miss all three of you very much. I pray everyday that soon we will be able to return. Please let us know when you will traveling our way to alabama. My daily pray is may GOD bless you more and more each day! Love, Berry and Teresa