Saturday, July 01, 2006

Goodbye Colorado

Due to the late hour last night (this morning) this blog will cover both yesterday and today. Very early this morning we bid farewell to our Colorado team. They worked late into the evening yesterday and you can see the results in Barbara's house in these photos.

The first photo is the unloading of our 300 sheets of sheetrock into our new warehouse facility, thanks to Brother Watson.

The next photo is an awesome group photo of not only the Colorado team but also our friends from home with Monty, Diane and I. Thanks to Cole for taking the photo!

You can see the wonderful cross inlaid in the tile surrounding Barbara's bathtub. Monty came up with the pattern and thanks to our expert tile layer it turned out great. Barbara has not seen it yet and I know this photo will surprise her (she reads the blog daily).

You can also see the tile flooring being installed. The entire house will be done in this flooring, thanks to Barbara's home church, Bethel Assembly and Pastor Tim's donation.

Sanding away in her kitchen pantry is Kim and daughter Rose. Elmer was around the corner, a family affair! It is now ready for primer and paint. Thanks guys!

The other half of the team was at Delores's all day. They brought over a couple of members that had been working in Barbara's in order to have some extra hands. They called Monty and needed his truck and trailer to pick up things they had purchased for her at Lowes. It was nearly 4 hours later but Delores ended up with 2 new toilets, a new tub, a new shower surround, a washer, a dryer and a hot water heater - all thanks to the generous hearts of the Colorado team! I wonder if Delores's tears of joy have stopped flowing yet! I know the team members had tears of their own flowing as they did not want to leave her. This happens all the time and just shows the hearts of love and service in the volunteers who choose to take time from their own lives, away from their families and come here to bless others.

It was another amazing week filled with blessings flowing back and forth from homeowner to volunteer and back again. With all of those blessings flowing back and forth they are bound to spill out onto Monty and I. Isnt' God awesome!

Yesterday afternoon we took some time to spend with Elmer, Kim and Rose. We had never made the trip to New Orleans and neither had they so we took off and went (only after changing out the alternator on Elmer's van)! I plan on putting a pictorial on tomorrow's blog and warn you that the photos are tough to look at. I pray I will find the proper words to use with them. All I wanted to do was get out of the van and start helping, but it isn't safe, the military police are still patroling the streets and .... you'll just have to see for yourself tomorrow.

I would encourage you to attend your home church, or a visiting one, tomorrow ... and pray for all of the victims here along the coastline. They have come a long way but still have an even longer way to go! They need your prayers, we need your prayers. Without them this entire relief effort will not be able to continue with the rebuilding of homes and lives! We thank you for your love, prayers and support.

Until tomorrow...count your blessings....Susan and Monty
PS: this is for Andrea C from NC. I know you are trying to reach me. Did you get one of our cards? I know Gwen has my phone number, give her a call and then call me asap! We miss all of you and will be anxiously awaiting your return trip!

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Barbara Strahan said...

Thanks to "The Colorado Team" as well as to "All of The Previous Teams" and Montie and Susie. All of you are a Blessing beyond my wildest dreams. God is so Good to let you come into my life. I pray that you and your families will be Blessed many times over what you gave to all of us on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. I love THE CROSS ON MY BATHROOM WALL. What a wonderful reminder of what my Savior Jesus Christ has done for all of us. I will never forget any of you. God brought you into my life now and I will see you in Heaven if not before. I love everything you did for me Colorado Team! Thanks for installing my appliances, finishing up painting. Thanks to each of you, especially thanks for the laying the Tile. It all looks so good in the pictures. Thanks again and again!
God Bless and Bless and Bless Everyone!