Monday, July 17, 2006

Calm Monday

Okay, I did watch the Brad Pitt in New Orleans this morning and really thought he had some great points and was just about to be thrilled that we are back in the news when the news media did just what Brad asked them not to do ... they made it all about him! I was truly disappointed and can only hope that part 2 tomorrow morning will be more about the situation than him as a celebrity and new father.

Mondays are usually quite hectic as we are usually getting a new team on the road. But since our teams are not arriving until mid week today was very smooth. Monty was busy most of the day getting some much needed repair work done on our van. We were referred to a reputable mechanic who found a couple more things needing repair than we knew about. Fortunately he was able to repair them and not cost us both arms and a leg. God is amazing, even when it comes to mechanical things! :)

Diane and Stephen returned to Stephen's house to continue hanging drywall, priming and preparing to paint. They took a couple of detours to look at some flooring possiblities but no decisions as yet. They have plenty of time as the flooring will be the very last thing done. The house is really coming together, amazing what some real walls can do for a place! In another few days it should be ready to paint and then be in waiting for the cabinets to come in and be installed.

We heard from both of our incoming teams, Indiana and Alabama, and all is on schedule. They are all excited and ready to go and we are ready to welcome them. We did issue sort of a "warning" though....the heat here needs to be addressed and people need to plan accordingly. The fast and furious pace is not the pace we will be going. You all know I am speaking from first hand experience and do not want anyone to go through what I did. We will be slowing down just a bit but none the less accomplishing miracles! Please keep these teams in your prayers for safe travel and good health.

I would also ask for prayers for our home church, The Vineyard. A team of 10 will be leaving very early Wednesday morning for a mission trip to Costa Rico. For some of them, including the pastor's wife (Lisa) this will be their first trip and they are a bit on the nervous side! They, and we, would appreciate all the prayers you can send their way! We love you all and send our blessings along with you for a blessing filled trip!

Until tomorrow....God bless and protect each and every one of you....Susan and Monty
PS. To Don and MaryAnn ---- we hear you are heading this direction and would LOVE to see you if you have the chance to stop by!!! Love you both!!!!


Mary Anne said...

Monty and Susan, Mary Anne here. We will be coming through on Thursday morning and would love to see you. I think we are dropping off a few things but I'm not sure what time exactly. We will give you a call Thursday morning. Looking forward to seeing you.
Love, Don And Mary Anne and Kaity

kim and wally said...

Keep up the good work!

Your Bloomington,IN neighbors... Kim and Wally