Thursday, June 29, 2006

Delores is blessed

The aftermath------vehicles that still lay in the rubble and piles of appliances that await the trash trucks to come and pick them up. No appliance can withstand salt water!

It all happened 10 months ago today and these photos were taken within the past couple of weeks ---- it's NOT over, it's NOT all okay!! The photos speak for themselves.

Today the blessings continued to flow and flow. Delores was the one who got to go along with Monty and her team to Lowes. It was a few hours but they came out with a new washer and dryer, hot water heater, 2 toilets and 2 shower/tub combos --- all thanks to her team! They wanted to bless her and her family and thank the Lord they did just that! She was so happy she donated a tub/shower combo to Convoy of Hope! We know the Lord will show us just who it should go to!

Barbara's team was busy getting the tile floors down. When I was there late morning they had the family room done and were working away in the kitchen and hallway. One of the team, Dan, is still there this evening working away. Monty finally went to pick him up and get him to the showers. They only have a couple of closets to prime and paint and will no doubt be pushing full steam ahead tomorrow.

We were blessed by Lowes this afternoon. They delivered 300 sheets of sheetrock. We have been out for quite some time so this is a great blessing and will probably go out as fast as it came in. We are so thankful for our new warehouse space, all 15,000 sq ft of it! Brother Watson blessed us by allowing Convoy to use his warehouse. We hope to fill it with all sorts of things to bless the communities.

Both of the teams took the afternoon to do some traveling and see the area. We always encourage teams to do this so they will see the full effect of the storm. I think they planned to make it all down the coast into New Orleans. We always try and prepare them for what they will see as it isn't easy to see all of the devastation. It seems that as you drive you hit a point where words just aren't descriptive enough! Our plan is to take Elmer, Kim and Rose on that drive tomorrow. Rose is working on a 4H project while she is here and making that trip will add to her project. Monty and I have not been all the way to New Orleans yet ourselves and thought this would be the time.

Be sure and stay tuned as I am certain we will have updated photos of what it looks like all along the coastline. It may be out of the news where you live but it is still headline news here! The longer we are here the harder and harder it is to remember what it looks like to be in a town where there isn't damage everywhere, where people are not all crowded into Lowes trying to find the materials they need, where conversations are anything but centered on desperation! Please keep everyone all along the coast in your prayers.

I just wish you could see it and experience it for yourselves! Think about it and maybe it is something God is calling you to do but you are too busy to hear His call?!

Be sure to thank God for the home you have and all the blessings He has bestowed on you and your families! NEVER take them for granted!

Until tomorrow....Susan and Monty

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Andrea C., NC Team said...


Thank you for posting these pictures. They remind me of shots taken right after the storm and are worse than anything I witnessed in Biloxi or at the Hwy 90 bridge- much worse! But, not unexpected from my point of view. I think they will shock others!

I so want to come back and believe I might be, just not sure when! I have been trying so hard to explain to people here how much is left to be done! Thanks for helping to get the word out! How priceless!

I am going to send that donation along to Vineyard for you....I am still waiting to hear back to get your contact info....but I am with you here!

All my love to Barbara, Delores and Julia!