Thursday, July 06, 2006

Preparing for the outreach

Can you make heads or tails of this? This is what used to be someones "things", their life. This is what happens when it all becomes trash piled up next to the street for the disaster relief trash trucks to come and take it away. The land fill gets higher and higher each day! More and more people are left with only this pile after the storm. And this isn't even the big stuff, the appliances and larger furniture. Where's the beds, dresser, table, couch, chairs, everything we are so used to having and take for granted?! Thank God you are able to bring up this site on your computer, that you have a computer and the chair you are sitting in to read this! Don't take your blessings for granted.

Today we had the joy of having breakfast with Pastors Rick and Vickey. Even though it came another gully washer and we were drenched just getting to their car we had a wonderful visit and the time to get to know each other a bit better. We thank them for all they are doing to welcome us and for their hearts of love and outreach into this community. We pray God will continue to bring in the lost to The Refuge where they will find a home and get to know Jesus!

Diane drove one of the church members to the Air Force Base, in the city next to us. She is elderly and unable to see well enough to drive so Diane took her to her doctor's appointment. Just another of the ways volunteers can help! No special skills required, just the desire to help.

After all of us got back we started in on the organization once again. Boy oh Boy did we make visible progress today! The 30 yard dumpster in the back is mounding up. We got through all of the things, the toys, towels, books, food, drinks and anything else that was back there. We are getting things ready for the outreach that The Refuge will be having on Saturday, August 5th. There will be so many happening things that day, gifts everywhere, food pantry items and who knows what all. It will be a fantastic day of blessing the community. There will be service booths set up for local relief agencies and Monty and I will be manning the Convoy of Hope booth. Pastor Rick said at the last one they had (the day before Easter) over 1500 people came through! Now that's an outreach! We are really looking forward to being a part of it and representing Convoy!

This evening we were still organizing and were able to move into the tool room. That room has a tendency to really become a mess. Volunteers in and out during the week needing this and that. Trying to keep some sense about it is tough but we made tremendous progress this evening and it really looks like we could find what we need. What a thought! It is so important for us to keep track of tools. It might look like we have quite alot of them but when you have them spread out over who knows how many worksites they can easily be lost. Even if we loose the small stuff it takes funds to replace it, funds that should be used to rebuild, not replace. It is a special blessing when teams come down and bring their own tools and even greater yet when they purchase things while they are here and then leave them to donate to the effort!

As I have said before, there are just so many ways for people to get involved with the relief efforts. Coming here to volunteer is the best but when that isn't possible there are many other ways to help. Sending tools, or making it possible for us to purchase them is one way. Helping those who are coming to volunteer is another way. Search your hearts and listen for God's direction in how He wants you to become an active part. You have seen the photos, you have read the stories of the families we have been helping, now see where you fit into the rebuilding of lives and homes.

Thank you for reading and for keeping us in your prayers. Without you and those prayers we would not be able to continue the calling God has placed on our lives.

Blessings to all of you and until tomorrow.....Susan and Monty

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