Sunday, July 30, 2006

Day of Rest??

What is the theme of your life?

This is the title of this mornings message and one to cause some deep thought. Pastor Rick had us think about how music and songs have impacted our lives. When we hear a song from our past it usually makes us think about a specific moment in our lives and we have no trouble remembering the details of where we were and what we were doing. If music has such a huge impact on our lives jut think how much more WE impact the lives of others! Really makes you stop and think, doesn't it. It did me!

God has put each and every one of us here for a reason, for a purpose, for an eternal call. When God gives us our purpose we are to take ahold of it, hang on, be determined, like a "pit bull on a pork chop" if you get the picture. That pit bull won't let go, no matter what. Pastor told us we should be the same way when God calls us to do something, don't let go of that call, no matter what! Needless to say, it was a thought provoking message!

We were so very pleased this morning as our newest Spanish family came to church! Even though they don't speak English, they were here! Pastor and Diane print out his message in Spanish for them but can you imagine going in to a church where you cannot understand a word that is being said? They weren't going to let anything stop them from coming and we pray God touched them and that is understandable in any language!

Usually we try and take Sunday afternoon and get a bit of rest but today God had something else in mind for Monty, myself, Diane and Teresa. After church we passed by the C.O.R.E. camp down the road. That stands for Christian Organized Relief Effort. This camp has been based at a nearby church since right after the storm. They are now in the process of moving out and turning the effort over to the church. They housed their volunteers inside of tents and served them their meals each day. They ended up with extra food and materials and invited us to come and take whatever we could use. We also called a couple of other relief efforts that we know and invited them to come and get what they could use. It's just another way of passing on the gifts God has blessed them with to others. That is what makes all of these relief efforts work.

We ended up coming back here, hitching up the trailer and off we went. We were able to bring back food, paper products, brooms, shovels and many other supplies. We also got food that we will be able to use in the churchs food bank. It was quite a blessing (and alot of hard work)! :)

Our team from Indiana joined us in church this morning and then took the day to travel the coast all the way to New Orleans. We always encourage the teams to do so. They need to see the full effects of the storm and be able to take the whole picture back to their own churches and communities to encourage others to come down and volunteer.

We want to take a minute and send a special thank you to Rick from our home town and The Life church. He was making a presentation to his church this morning in hopes of encouraging others to come and volunteer their time. We thank him for his service while they were here and for also doing eveything he can to raise awareness of the reality of here! We love all of you guys and miss you!

Note to Amber --- we are really excited to know you are coming back with Barry and family. We will definitely be able to used you at the Outreach. Wear your shirt! :)

Tomorrow startes another team on their mission of rebuilding homes and lives. It's always exciting to get them on their way the first day as they come in filled with energy and enthusiasm and are raring to get going. We would ask that you keep them in your prayers so their energy and enthusiasm will carry them through the week. They have already showed us just how great they are going to be with getting us electricity in the back area where we work and in covering the vents that had been leaking rainwater into the building every time it rains. We know they do good work because it rained during church and there were no leaks! Thanks so much guys!

Until tomorrow...please think about what the theme of your life is, or what you know it should be! Take it to prayer and be sure to stop and listen for God's answer!

Love to all...Susan and Monty

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