Friday, July 21, 2006

Photo Night with Indiana & Alabama

Here is our day, in complete color, sweat and all! What a day it was! We had a record 7 jobs going on in one day and it was fantastic!

The first 2 photos are of our tilers, hot as they might have gotten they tiled away and made huge progress! Barbara made the 3 hour trip here to meet the gentleman and thank them for the work they are doing. She had them in tears, and they thought they were big tough guys! :) It's a God-thing! They even took time at the end of their day to go over to the Spanish Village and get started on getting power to one of the trailers! What a team!!!

The next 4 photos are of Pastor Watson's mother and father's house. The team was busy hanging sheetrock all day, once again in the intense heat! That really is sweat you see, not water that was poured on them. Stephen joined this team today and had the "fun" of working high and lifted up on the scaffolding to reach the peaks in the ceilings!

The next 4 are introducing you to Icy and Jerry's house. The team spent their day removing the kitchen cabinets, hanging sheetrock and painting the ceilings, only to find they needed to scrape the ceiling first! Go Girl Power!

The following 2 photos are at Julia and Oscar's house. This team of 3 tore out the remaining sheetrock in her laundry room, insulating it and rehanging sheetrock. Julia joined right in with them in painting her room a beautiful light yellow, the color that she said made her smile when she came into the room!

The final 4 photos are of Delores's and Tom's new "family". She can now use the new dryer the Colorado team bought for her, she needed electrical done and this team got it done! You can bet that Delores is washing and drying clothes this evening and hearing a new "music" in her ears! They also got her family room ceiling fan up, anything to make it a bit cooler!

As you can see, these 2 teams had an incredible day! Each person had a smile on their face, no matter how much sweat was combined with drywall dust, the joy of the Lord held fast in their hearts and nothing was about to take it from them! That joy carried into each one of the households they worked in and was clearly evident in the faces of the homeowners. Each of these volunteers has expanded their family and the same goes for the homeowners! Going around to each home, taking photos, it's such a joy and blessing to see the miracles happening each and every day! Every volunteer says the same thing, you have to be here to experience it!

So many of these volunteers already have plans to return. This is awesome!!!!! They have already spoken to their pastors at home and informed them that this relief effort if FAR from over and they want to come back! THIS is what it takes to rebuild lives!!! Committment, love, compasion and allowing God to work through each and every one of them!

We say a HUGE thank you to each of these team members, Indiana and Alabama equally!
We love you all and are humbled by your servant hearts! God had something special for each and every one of you here and I do believe you have found it! Praise be to God!!!!

Until tomorrow....which will be a full work day for all of us....Susan and Monty

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Anonymous said...

Susan, I am Linda from Alabama, Teresa Cutis' friend. She just called me an gave me the web site information. I am going to present this to some friends of mine and see what the Lord will do. In looking over the pictures on this page has anyone pointed out to you the number of orbs in almost every frame. Just recently pictures from our church services and in other areas where God's people are gathered,orbs of light appear in the photos. Look over these again. I know that YOU KNOW God is definitely with your group(s)working there. I am adding the Missisisippi blog to my prayer times. Check out all the orbs they are hovering everywhere. God bless and keep your teams.