Saturday, July 29, 2006

Mt. Vernon, Indiana arrives

Today we welcomed the newest team from our home state of Indiana. It's been awesome to have 2 teams from "home" this past month.

They came in ready to get going and that is exactly what Monty got them doing. Since this church building used to be a grocery store all of the lights were on one circuit and either the entire building is lit up or the entire building is dark. Thanks to these men we now have lights in our back area that are on a separate circuit and will hopefully save some on the electric bills around here.

They also found themselves on top of the roof covering some vents with tarps. When we get a heavy rain it comes in through those vents and floods the back area. Thanks to these men we will no longer flood and will no longer have to line the floors with plastic tubs to catch the rain! Who knows what they will get in to for their next project.

They will be attending church here with us in the morning and that is always special. The congregation gets such a boost when volunteers are here for church. Their afternoon will be spent traveling the coast, getting the full picture of the devastation - after 11 months! Today is the 11 month anniversary.

Monty and I were treated to a special evening dinner this evening. Andrea and her husband, Chris (from our NC team) flew into Gulfport for a family get-together this week and decided to come by here and take us to dinner. What a blessed thing for us, enjoying a wonderful meal and getting reunited with family. Yes, they are all family once they have been here. It's a God-thing and something you have to experience to fully understand.

I have a special story for the NC team, from Barbara. Remember how the bone spur in her knee just somehow miraculously "disappeared"? That wasn't the best thing that happened to her! Remember how you prayed that her son would be able to find a job? Well, not only did he find an awesome job, he found one right here in Pascagoula! He had been offered the job here and another in NC. The NC was going to pay a bit more and he felt he had to go where the money was going to be. When he told the local company the story they not only matched his NC offer, they increased it, offered to pay all of his moving expense AND 3 months rent until he can find a permanent home here! Barbara was so excstatic when she was telling me that we both had goose bumps! She said her life completely changed the night all of you from NC prayed for her and wanted me to be sure and let you know. Thank you each and every one! You are truly God's angels!

On a more somber note, I just got word that our dear friends in Pascagoula, Bruce and Linda are desperate for help. This couple has been so good to Monty and I, taking us to dinners just when we needed the fellowship and laughter. They lost everything in their home and hired a contractor to do some of the major work required. And now we learn that he left --- with their money and with the job nowhere near done! I know this kind of thing is happening all over down here and it makes my blood boil but when it happens to people we dearly love it makes it boil even more! We will do the best we can to get volunteers over there and get their work done. THIS is where we need YOU! Without those volunteers we cannot help them, and we cannot help all of the others who call us! YOU are critical to this effort, not us! PLEASE take this plea to heart, pray about it, talk to your friends and family and see where the Lord leads you! He WILL lead you in the direction he has planned for your life!

Thank you, all of you, for everything you have done and are doing! You all know who you are and we love you dearly and miss you so much!

Tomorrow is our day of worship! We ask that you keep us in your prayers, and the entire coast!
Thank you and God bless ..... until tomorrow....Susan and Monty

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