Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Meeting Day

Today was the kind of day that can refill you with renewed enthusiasm for not only what we are currently doing but for what is about to come! God is such an awesome God and always far exceeds what we think is the best that could happen.

We were blessed to attend a luncheon meeting this morning with a group of Assembly of God ministers at one of the local churches. The truck we unloaded last week was filled with furniture, and the gentleman responsible for that furniture came and spoke to us all today. It never ceases to amaze me how things start happening with God in control! This man, Pastor Steve, is from nearly 3,000 miles away, the state of Washington. He told how he wondered how he could be of help here, him being so far away. Never fail, God always has a plan. Through numerous connections and people he has managed to obtain literally hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of furniture that will be shipped here to the coast and we can further bless those who have lost so much! There are casinos, condos and who knows who all involved, that redecorate every so often and they have agreed to send their "old" furnishings to Katrina victims. To hear the enthusiasm, the joy and the hope in Pastor Steve's voice, to see it on his face, is to be renewed ourselves. We are about to embark on another completely new adventure in rebuilding lives! It is, and continues to be, such a blessing to be called by God into this mission! Be sure and stay tuned as the blessings will no doubt continue to pour out all over the coast. We are on the cutting edge of history and God is out in front paving the way!

After the meeting we went with the heads of Convoy of Hope, Fory and Cindi, to get their trailer loaded up with floor tile for a church south of New Orleans. The tile has been released by Bethel Assembly and we thank them for such a wonderful gift. I didn't think you could go 2 hours south of New Orleans but I was wrong, Katrina sure did so that means we can too!

As I write this we are awaiting the arrival of our team from our home town, Bloomington, Indiana. They should be getting close and we pray for their continued safety. They have had a very long day and are probably getting tired about now. Please keep them in your prayers this week as they continue to issue heat warnings for here, the temps and the humidity continue to climb daily! We thank The Life Church for sending us the volunteers we so desperately need.

Speaking of teams, this was a main focus at the meeting today. The teams have slowed considerably and without them we cannot get the work done. There is no way to state it other than as a fact. WE NEED YOU! We need volunteers to get a renewed sense of urgency to realize the devastation is still all around us. I realize that there is alot going on in the world right now, the Israel things and such. But THIS is here, in our backyards, and we need to continue to remember what is still happening here. Please, consider coming to help or mentioning it to others who might be able to come. Try mentioning it at your church and see if you could organize something. You'll never know until you try! Just remember that Jesus tells us that when we help others we are helping Him!

We thank you for supporting us with your prayers and thoughts. YOU are what makes this mission possible!

Tomorrow will prove to be an awesome day, new teams spreading out over 4 different jobs, new photos to be taken and more people to bless. Be sure and stay tuned, tell others about this blog so they can come along with us. Spread the word! God is love and love is pouring out all over the coast!

Until tomorrow....keep cool....and pray for all of us and the families we are helping!
Susan and Monty


Anonymous said...


Did I say Friday or Saturday for our arrival?? Its Saturday the 29th! Didn't want to cross our lines of commnication!

Also, you mentioned a lady that you are helping who just had surgery for cancer- I don't remember which day- Anyhow, I am bringing something for her, too!

Love ya'll!


Jack said...

Hello Monty and Susan, I am part of the Bayshore Christian Fellowship team from New Jersey coming down on Aug 5.I work for a Lumber Company in NJ and need to know what hand tools or supplies you need that we can carry down. I will see if Company will donate them.
Thanks and God Bless