Friday, July 07, 2006

It didn't rain!

I found myself missing them today, Kim and Elmer. It's at the end of a week where I usually get tired and that is when I miss family and friends.

After all of the rain over the past couple of days it finally stopped today and allowed me to catch up with laundry. It piles up quickly when everything is wet and we have no room in the trailer for anything to pile up! :)

We wrapped up most of the organizing and it looks sooooo much better than what it did and you can really find something when you need it. And we have everything in "dry" areas. This church is in what used to be a grocery store and the roof has "special" places where the water pours in. We know where to place the buckets but over the past couple of days we had to add a couple more. Placing things strategically is a must if you want to keep it. Just entering and exiting the backdoor takes athleticism. There is no guttering over the door and the roof is flat so "when it rains it pours" takes on a whole new meaning and one can be showered to the bone in a matter of seconds!

I want to send out a special thank you this evening. This goes to Steve and Carol, the couple who ran the relief effort up until the end of May when they went back home to Wisconsin and Monty and I relocated here. They sent us a wonderful card and note today and I just want them to know how much they touched my heart! We love you guys and miss you something awful but also know you are moving on to whatever God has in store for you! Lady Di also sends her love and thanks!

Tomorrow we start preparations for our next volunteers. It's just another work day for us. It is amazing to me how the days have no names and the weeks just seem to fly by!

Have a safe and wonderful weekend. Spend some time with your families, love on them and use tomorrow to prepare for church on Sunday morning. Praise and thank the Lord for your life!

Until tomorrow....we love you all....Susan and Monty


Barbara Strahan said...

A great big Thank You to Kim, Elmer and their daughter for all of the painting and other work done on my house. God Bless You.

Kim said...

Susan and Monty we miss you a whole bunch too! We were visiting at Rich and Pam's tonight. Elmer was telling about his and Monty's evening tradition:)

Barbara, it was a pleasure to work on your home. What was even more special was meeting you and hearing all that God has done for you. You truly blessed us.

P.S. Rose said she is going to come home and study harder, because she does not want to sand drywall for a living:)

Love to you all,