Friday, July 14, 2006

Really Sick

My apologies to everyone for being away from the blog for so many days. I have been really, really sick and just couldn't do it.

These 2 photos explain what started it all. This semi truck came in, loaded all different kinds of materials donated to our rebuilding efforts. It was an awesome donation and will be one that will bless the lives of so many people. BUT, we were unloading for over 5 hours inside of a warehouse. Most of the unloadind had to be done by hand and the temps outside were nearing 100 so you can imagine just how hot it was inside the warehouse and the truck trailer! I doubt if you really can imagine unless you were there but we estimate between 125 and 150 degrees. No amount of water could be kept inside your body. I am not a big person and every drop I had was gone. By the time we were done I was already sick to my stomach and knew I might be in trouble. Right I was!

By that evening I could barely make it and food was the last thing I wanted. By Wednesday afternoon I was in trouble. We ended up in the ER at the local hospital and they pumped me with IV fluids, after 4 tries!

Yesterday proved to be no better, actually worse. We returned to the ER and after xrays, blood work, more fluids and meds to stop the fluids from "leaving" from both ends I think I just might live today. It seems I also contracted a virus on top of heat exhaustion! Not a good combo at all~ Tomorrow could be a big day --- I just might be able to handle Jello!

So I am sorry I have not been blogging but should be back from today on.

We did say goodbye to Bobby from Virginia this morning and pray his next 2 days of traveling home will be safe. Tomorrow I will have photos of where he, Diane, Monty and Stephen have been working all week.

Thank all of you who called to say you were praying for me. You don't know how much it means!

Love to all and until tomorrow.....Susan and Monty

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Anonymous said...

I knew something was up! Soo sorry to hear you were so bad off....

I will share this with the rest of our gang here in Concord!

We had a reunion tonight and had a great time sharing about Barbara and everyone!

Love to all-