Monday, July 24, 2006

They're on their way home

Thank you so much for the prayers for the guys.

Kaylon was dismissed around noon today and Rick slept through the night and is feeling better today. Kaylon got a script for meds and was pounding the Pedialite along with Rick. I know that stuff works miracles!

They decided they would get a head start on home and after running them over to Mobile to pick up a one way car rental they were on the road about 5pm. We pray for safety as they travel and for the same tomorrow. We were very sad to see them go but also glad that they are feeling better. We just can't preach enough about the dehydration and how quickly it can happen.

Monty and I had our usual job runs to do this morning. We were pleased to be able to get Larry, Diane and Stephen back in to Barbara's. Larry "let it slip" that he lays tile and that was all we needed to hear. He was busy the entire day with the grouting and it is really looking good. Barbara came by to meet the crew and thank them for all they are doing. She also had a wonderful testimony! She has trouble in both of her knees and is looking forward to knee replacements. Until that time she gets injections but has had some difficulties with them due to a bad spur on one of her knees. When the NC team was here they specifically prayed for and over her knees. She just went back to the doctor for another injection and to the doctor's surprise (not Barbara's) the spur is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another miracle from God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The rest of the Alabama team was once again busy in Julia's and Icy's homes. They wrapped up their work today because they will be leaving in the morning. Almost all of them though. No, no one is sick. Teresa has decided to answer the call from God and stay here for the next couple of weeks! She feels there is something here for her and wants to stay! We are thrilled beyond words and have more than enough to keep her busy. Her husband and family will return next weekend in time to help with the city wide Outreach that The Refuge is planning. We feel so blessed to have her here and to have them returning in a couple of weeks! Another miracle from God! (God sure has been busy down here with miracle working) :)

I want to take a personal minute and thank those of you from home who have sent cards and notes expressing your care and concern over my being sick last week. It means the world to me and I thank all of you. You have no idea just how much those things mean to me, they keep me, and us, going. I do feel back to full steam and have learned a very valuable lesson! I hear all of you and promise to take better care of myself!

I just want to thank the Indiana team from home once again. We absolutely loved having all of you here and want you to know just how deeply you touched our hearts! Being here, so far from home with family and friends is tougher than you can imagine and seeing familiar faces is like a life line for the both of us. We hope you all will come back and see us sometime and we will see all of you the end of next month.

Thanks to all of you who keep us going in the calling God has placed on our lives. We love you all and miss you deeply.

Until tomorrow....Susan and Monty

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Barbara Strahan said...

Thanks for all of the hard work in my home. As soon as I heard the two team members ended up in the hospital, I really started praying for them. I know this heat is really hard on even us that are used to it. So I appreciate even more those of you who leave not only the comfort of your homes but also the comfort of your environment to do this MISSION Work for Glory & Honor to JESUS. I pray that God will Bless you more than you could ever dream. I know He will! Barbara