Monday, July 03, 2006


Empty tombs, bodies nowhere to be found. Houses found in places they shouldn't be found. Both in and near New Orleans. Both impossible to "fix".

I didn't know just how tired I was until I started to unwind a bit today. Last week I was sick each day with sinus who knows what. Combine that with working nearly 17 hour days for weeks on end and it does catch up with you, or atleast it has with me. Both Monty and I have decided to catch up on some much needed "down time" this week with it being a holiday and we don't have volunteers. I just didn't realize how long we have been going at this pace and how it will take some time to re-energize and recooperate in preparation for the upcoming teams the rest of this month.

The entire city seemed a bit calmer today also. Not as much traffic on the streets with alot of the businesses closed today for tomorrows holiday.

There may not be alot of "excitement" with this weeks blog entries but there will be daily entries to keep you up with what is happening.

I did talk with Delores today and her family is here for the holiday. Guess what she has them doing --- they are mudding and taping and sanding her walls! How's that for a holiday? I bet she isn't the only one who will be spending their holiday working. She said to say hello to the teams for her and that she loves all of you!

We will be going to 2 holiday get togethers tomorrow and feel blessed to be invited to both. When you are away from home with family and friends, especially on holidays, it's nice to be included with other peoples families. Be sure and stay tuned to hear about them. It should be a fun day!

Hope all of you have a wonderful holiday and also remember that our freedom came at a cost, not only our physical freedom but more importantly our spiritual freedom. Thanks to Jesus who paid the price for us we are truly FREE!!!

God bless America! Susan and Monty

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