Monday, March 01, 2010

Surprise !!! Monday

Mondays can be "Mondays" and today was quite the "Monday"!
We were at orientation with our 2 PDA teams awaiting our UMCOR team. When they were a bit late I gave them a call to find out they were still in Connecticut and had cancelled for this week! And we were planning on 25 of them -- so -- plan B. No big deal, we just made a couple of calls, changed a few team members from working in Galveston to coming and working with us starting tomorrow and we were back on track! Things like this can happen and the team will be here next week and for the following 3 weeks!
Our 2 PDA teams are mostly youth and with the larger team of 12 working with Teresa they are having a blast and learning all sorts of construction abilities. Teresa is great at leading her own teams as she herself built her house. Women in construction -- teach a woman to use a power tool and look out world! The girls are learning to hang sheetrock, the guys are trimming out around and installing air conditioners and some are outside starting a plan for skirting -- Teresa style! Tomorrow 3 of them will be going to another job -- it was rained out for today and they are getting to experience our key word for volunteering --- "flexibility"!!!
Our other PDA team headed out with Sam and Ethel as their leaders and went to work in Brian and Carol's to finish the last coat of mud, do some sanding and prepare for priming and painting. When we stopped by at the end of the day it was evident that they are being led well and are doing a great job. They will all be working there all week.
With the rains pouring down this morning, many youth that we weren't aware of and a large team cancelled it reminded me of how awesome this work is! Never boring, never the same thing and always a blast! We just roll into another plan, pray the rains stop and keep on going. The blessings don't stop because of some rainy skies -- we just tromp through the mud and keep on smiling because the joy outweighs any weather or change of plans!
I also had to share the photos of Vicky's hot pink house and the team who did such an amazing job in turning it into a home for her! Who would have thought that hot pink and charcoal for the trim could make a house into such a happy home!! Vicky did and I am so happy for her and to see that smile on her face after all these months is priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Be sure and stay tuned to see what Tuesday has in store for us!! One never knows!!!!
Until next time . . . smile at someone tomorrow! It'll warm your own heart! Susan and Monty

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