Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Through the roof -- no -- ceiling!

Yep, insulating in one's attic can be tricky. The team asked for (and received) a light for Mel and Billie's attic at the beginning of the week but it seems a certain "someone" missed stepping on one of the rafters and put "his" foot through the bedroom ceiling! Oops! No matter, he was the one who was "chosen" to make the repairs. Still smiling and not hurt = a good day!
I didn't even begin to make it around to all the jobs today. Our morning UMCOR meeting along with a couple of material deliveries and then a couple of trips to pick up additional materials and it was into the afternoon. They are making great progress at both Rosaland's and Joyce's with insulation and were even hanging sheetrock! Getting all of that unloaded and inside the homes was quite the job! What a way to start the morning!
Each day is bringing each homeowner closer and closer. Some will be just around the corner and others will be a bit longer but each will reach that day of "done" and with a house blessing to follow.
In fact, Robert and Olga will be receiving their house blessing next Thursday and they are really excited. It's always a great way to officially welcome the family home.
I can't wait to see what surprises tomorrow brings! Some of the teams are only working part of the day so they can take some time and head to the beaches in Galveston. Others will be hard at it with barely a break for lunch.
It will be another awesome day!
Until then . . . bless someone tomorrow. Susan and Monty

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