Friday, March 12, 2010

Whatever it takes!

Youth -- they never cease to amaze me!
Carol's french drainage system got underway yesterday -- no matter what the weather or how wet the ground was! They dug and dug and laughed and laughed and managed to make sense of it all. A couple of them put the finishing touches on the inside and so today was spent entirely outside - the entire group! And then the phone call came -- they "found something" that had a lid on it but the lid wasn't on it -- and it really did stink! Yep -- they found the old septic tank so Monty was off and running with our pump to get it cleared out and into the local drain before we take the next step of filling it up with either dirt or rock! Good thing today had wonderful sunshine with low humidity and quite the breeze! Like it made any difference to the kids!
The group at Thresa's were also putting some finishing touches with interior painting and making preparations for the incoming team to return next week. She has actual furniture in the family room complete with pictures on the walls and it really looks like home -- finally!
More of that same group was also finishing texturing and painting in Mel and Billie's. We are down to the flooring in the bathroom and then we will start tearing out their kitchen and putting in a brand new one -- it all arrives on the delivery truck Monday morning! When I left the team they were also busy outside -- crawling underneath the house cleaning out debris while they literally were waiting for paint to dry!
And the last portion of their group was transforming Brian and Carol's home with paint inside and outside! The two toned walls really stand out with the chair railing going around the room! I can't wait to see the final thing and do one whale of a house blessing!
Our PDA teams kept pushing forward in Rosaland's and Joyce's house. Both now have real walls as the sheetrock is up and the taping and floating underway at Joyce's. Sounds like a couple of the men are staying an extra week so guess who will be the team leaders in both those homes next week! Rosaland even made it back from a long week of work to meet and thank the team for all they have done! If only we could keep the whole team!!!
And then there was the miracle that God pulled off yesterday -- another example of His perfect timing. I had to drive way up north, nearly into Houston, to Baytown to do an assessment of Stephanie's home. Poor thing -- she lost everything -- and I mean everything in their rather large and beautiful home! She and her husband starting putting back walls and such only to find out they needed to have all the electric, plumbing and heating system redone -- and they all must be done by licensed contractors! Their funding is gone and their house stands -- falling apart more and more each week. All of their belongings and who knows what is still stacked all over the house, in every room. It's one of those cases where they don't know where to begin so they don't begin. After my assessment and hearing her pleas for help and seeing her tears as we went from room to room all I could do was let her know I would pass on my assessment and see where it goes from there. She was thrilled just to have me come -- that single ray of hope.
And then less than a couple of hours later the phone rings. A college team of 42 students would like to come to the area for a one day project. They are taking their spring break and doing a service project a day -- each day in a different city. They plan on being in the area next Wednesday and only work that one day. Did I have a project they could do? I almost had to pull off the road as I talked to my supervisor, Alan as I realized just how God had put the plan together. A phone call to Stephanie to let her know a dumpster would be arriving Monday and to tell her the news that all 42 students would be at her home Wednesday morning to spend the day helping her sort through her entire house! She was nearly speechless and I could hear the tears stream down her face as she tried to find the words to say thank you! Isn't God amazing! Next Wednesday is going to do way more than get her house cleaned out -- lives will be changed and God will be present in a big way! Be sure and stay tuned.
And now we are at the end of yet another week that has been truly awesome. As I have said many times before -- Monty and I are living the dream as we see houses transform back into homes and lives changed right before our eyes -- the homeowners and the volunteers!
Next week we get to do it all over again and it will be just as brand new then as it was this week and all those weeks past that now add up to nearly 5 years! Thanks to all of YOU who make it possible for us to live this dream of showing God's love to those who are in desperate need!
Until next time . . . be a blessing -- change a life -- yours! Susan and Monty

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