Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Here we go again!

Once again I don't have a single picture -- no excuses but hopefully tomorrow I will have my wits about me a bit more and will have some for you.

Monday started off with a bang -- and plenty of rain drops to stop 2 deliveries of materials. So we were already at "plan B" before even getting out the door!

Our orientation brought in teams from both New York and Ohio. The Ohio team is full of college students and boy oh boy are they learning new things already! They are working at Mel and Billie's with finishing sheetrock, installing attic insulation and repairing flooring and hanging sheetrock. They are also at Thersa's (finally spelled right) where she has them all over the place with sheetrock and detail work. She is great at leading and teaching and they all enjoy being there. Another group is at Carol's where they are learning about sheetrock and priming and painting and will be learning about ditch digging before the end of the week when we put in the drainage system. Monty brought the dump trailer filled with gravel just for them this morning and so far they are smiling at the thought! It's 18 yards of gravel so let's see how long they keep smiling! And the last part of them is with Sam and Ethel at Brian and Carol's where they are cleaning and painting and trimming and also learning.

Our New York crew was all over the place yesterday. One group built the back steps to Hsilda's home, our final touch. Another put the skirting back on Logan and Janey's mobile home and showed us how much the storm took and we need to replace. And yet another group went to Martha and Steven's to try and figure out why her washer is draining into her bathtub? Even more of them installed the back entry door on Robert's -- also our final touch.

Today that New York team divided themselves between Joyce's and Rosaland's. Sam and Ethel took the box truck and picked up the insulation that could not be delivered due to continued rain. They are completing the removal of walls and ceilings in Joyce's kitchen and then installing insulation and will start on sheetrock tomorrow when Sam and Ethel will once again make a delivery with the box truck.

The team at Rosaland's have the green flag -- literally -- as we passed the plumbing inspection and they put a green approval sign in the window. They were doing a bit of framing on her closets and then were ready to foam insulate the windows and insulate the walls and ceilings as they also wait for sheetrock to come on the truck. Waiting a day or so will be fine as they have the entire house to prepare. Our professional engineer also paid us a visit first thing in the morning to make sure we were all on the same page. He has been wonderful to work with and is happy with all of our work.

As I move from job to job it amazes me to see how well the college students learn and yet have fun in all they are doing. I found Carol's team outside in the rain cleaning paint brushes with a hose that had so many leaks that more water came through the leaks than the end -- and hearing their laughter and joy was inspiring. They did say they are purchasing a new hose for her tonight -- their gift to her! :)

We all should take a lesson from them -- enjoy all we are doing! Not be happy but have true, deep down, God given joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time . . . where's your joy? Susan and Monty

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