Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Texturing 101

The houses are turning beautiful gulf coast colors and teams are learning the art of texturing interior walls!
Jocelyn's house is now a beautiful yellow and brings a smile to your face when you see it. She is so thrilled.
Martha and Steven's is a soft green with white trim and Martha herself got creative with her front door! Their team also enjoyed some homemade spring rolls at Hai's house today for lunch! If this drippy rain will stop they will have the house completely finished tomorrow.
Rosaland's team really mastered the art of texturing! They got themselves a sprayer and did a wonderful job! They had pieces of sheetrock out in the back yard where they practiced and when they "had it down" they went to work -- ceilings and walls.
Mel and Billie's team are also spending part of their time texturing. They are using the special texture rollers and are learning that doing ceilings that require you to hold the rollers up overhead are a bit tough on the neck muscles but they are doing a great job.
Kim's team is busy painting the interior walls and what a beautiful color of grayish blue! The college kids admitted today that painting is what they love to do so but we'll see how much they still love it after doing it for 5 straight days!
Joyce's team is also texturing ceilings and walls and tomorrow will learn how to do the popcorn style texture! And they will be applying glitter to the ceilings -- as per Joyce's request as she had glittered ceilings before and they were amazing!
Brian and Carol's team are working fast and furious as their house blessing is scheduled for Friday morning! The new roof is on, the carpeting was being stretched and installed and the final painting touch ups were being applied. The outside will need some cleaning and some steps built to the entry but I have no doubt they will get 'er done in time.
At the end of the day I had to say goodbye to Ben from PDA and it wasn't easy! He has the long journey back home to Michigan but will be stopping part way to visit with some friends and taking his time as he goes. We will miss him so very much and pray for safe travel and a wonderful reunion with his wife whom he has not seen over the past 3 months!
On a personal note -- the damage estimate for the roof of our camper trailer did come back and it appears it is more than the value of the trailer so now we wait . . . for a response from insurance and then for the next step after that response! I know God is teaching us something through this but I admit that it is quite the painful lesson! This camper trailer is our home and the thought of loosing it is tough. We thank all of you for your prayers and will try and keep you as updated as possible.
Until next time . . . thanks for being a blessing to us! Susan and Monty

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