Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Iowa students add their blessings

They came 42 in total, all the way from Iowa! A week of blessing others, each day in a different city -- today was in Baytown which is about 45 minutes north of us here in San Leon. They came in the biggest and brightest red bus I think I've ever seen and I thought they would never stop coming out the door!
Stephanie was thrilled and nearly overwhelmed when she saw all of them. They started in immediately, spreading throughout her entire house helping sort through everything -- and I mean everything! They even positioned a couple of themselves inside the dumpster just to continually compact things as much as possible!
Sorting through a familys personal lives isn't easy and making the decisions as to what goes and what stays is even more difficult but these students rose to the challenge and handled every detail with grace and integrity! If only they could have stayed longer than just today!
Stephanie called later to thank me but the thanks goes to the students who will be traveling to Dallas later today to meet up with around 7 more bus loads of students to do one final project before heading back north to end their spring break. What hearts! Taking their entire week of spring break just to bless others! We all could learn a valuable lesson and I know each one of these students did just that today and will be going home with a new perspective on wants verses needs!
Until next time . . . Go Iowa!!!!!! Susan and Monty

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