Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tuesday and Monday

Yes, today had a mix of Tuesday with another Monday. We were able to use part of yet another PDA team that had been scheduled to work in Galveston. When my team of 25 cancelled it left us with room for more so we now have 14 additional who are divided into 3 teams.
One team went to Jocelyn's where they started the demo of her kitchen and will be installing new everything starting tomorrow. Boy is she happy!
One team went to Carol's where they are removing her bedroom ceiling, working on a drainage ditch outside and finishing her family room wall.
And one more went to Joyce's where they tackled the ever present plumbing problem! And tackle is what it is taking. They gave it all they had and did make some progress but alas -- the plumber is coming tomorrow -- thanks to my begging! With plumbing located inside of an 18 inch deep slab it's more than tough to see where it goes and then to find the problem. Is it a clog or is it a broken pipe? Hopefully we will have that answer tomorrow.
Our team working at Teresa's continued with trimming and even got her bedroom door hung so she can finally have something called privacy!
And 3 of her team ventured out into a new job at Kim's where they learned how to remove ceiling insulation and install subflooring. They are learning alot and even thanked me for sending them to another "unknown" job. They will stay there for the rest of the week and no doubt learn alot more.
And of course Brian and Carol's team are truly transforming their house into their home. The paint is going on the walls and the light fixtures are being installed. It's amazing to see the transformation and to see the smile on Carol's face as she sees the quick progress. She is anxious to have it done and have us do a House Blessing. It won't be long!
And yet another batch of who knows how many miles and how many smiles filled this day! We always "preach" flexibility in our orientations and all must have listened well as they are doing a fantastic job and tomorrow is "hump" day!
Until next time . . . thanks for keeping up with us! It's not easy! Susan and Monty

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