Sunday, March 07, 2010

The forgotten disaster survivor!

It just had to be built! After all, we are rebuilding homes all over the place, why not hers?
Yes, she showed up in our RV park many, many months ago. And guess what -- I fed her and you know the rest of the story . . . Good thing both Monty and I have a heart for animals as well as people!
She's never caused a problem, she just wants fed a couple of times each day and she stays outside -- well -- except for the day she slipped past Monty and he found her inside our trailer nestled between the dogs right on the couch!
And now it's become quite obvious that she is expecting some babies! Oh my -- we should have had her fixed --- but . . . that changed everything.
She can no longer live out in the elements, homeless!
Monty took it upon himself -- actually -- God woke him up in the middle of the night with this house design and he had to build it or bust!
It's awesome --customized just for her and she loves it! The construction was complete yesterday and I got it primed. Then I had to chose the colors -- yes -- the colors! You don't leave a house just primed!
You can see I selected some rather beautiful coastal colors and she seems very pleased! She went right in and also loved the nice fleece blanket inside. Now she can have those babies and then we will be taking her to the local SPCA just down the road. We've already spoken to them and they are ready whenever we are . . . and yes -- I know I can't keep them!!!!!!!
Anyway, I just had to share our fun with all of you as sometimes we forget that animals also suffer after a disaster. There were hundreds of dogs roaming around when we first arrived here in October of 2008. The dog catchers have taken care of nearly all of them but cats are something else and seem to be able to survive better. And this one knew just exactly which camper trailer to come to and meow outside the door!
God directed her -- I know He did!!!!
Until tomorrow when we welcome in some new teams, some new opportunities, some new challenges and some new miracles . . . bless an animal, they are the perfect example of unconditional love!
Blessings, Susan and Monty

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dlingle said...

I love the house. You did such a good job.